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Niksa 4 Pack Compression Shorts Men

Niksa 4 Pack Compression Shorts Men

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  • Compression Support: Optimal support and strong compression for hip and thigh muscles stabilize during exercise, accelerate recovery, and reduce lactic acid buildup.

  • Breathable & Quick-dry: Polyester-spandex blend releases heat and absorbs moisture, keeping shorts dry and odor-free during extended wear.

  • Flatlock Stitching: Flatlock stitches increase durability, reduce skin irritation, and prevent chafing during exercise for maximum comfort.

  • Ripstop Elastic Waistband: Wide waistband ensures a comfortable fit, non-slip, and non-deformation, with tear-resistant design for durability.

  • Designed for All Sports: Provides sun protection and suitable for all weather sports like running, basketball, fitness, biking, and more.
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