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Niksa Compression Shorts Pant Men 5 Pack

Niksa Compression Shorts Pant Men 5 Pack

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  • High Performance Compression: Optimal support for hip and thigh muscles, accelerates muscle recovery, and reduces lactic acid buildup.

  • Flatlock Stitching: Reduces skin irritation and chafing, increases durability, ensuring extreme comfort during exercise.

  • Breathable & Quick-Dry: Polyester-spandex blend releases heat, wicks moisture, and stays dry and odor-free for long-lasting comfort.

  • Double Side Pockets: High compression pockets protect your essentials, allowing focus on athletic performance without distraction.

  • Designed for All Sports: Suitable for all seasons and weather conditions, ideal for a variety of sports and training activities.

NIKSA Mens Compression Shorts Pants

Compression pants can improve athletic performance and promote recovery after exercise. Secondly, they can stabilize muscles, prevent thigh friction, promote perspiration or heat preservation and sun protection, and prevent venous thrombosis of lower limbs during a long journey.


  • Keep dry and comfortable
  • Flat lock joints and UV protection
  • Provide support when muscles are tired
  • Fit to reduce burden

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