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Why Jogging Make me Aging Fast

Since I start working as a coach, I have received various questions concerned with sports and health. One of the most asked one was why am I aging fast since I started jogging? This can be explained from different perspective.


  •  Heavily jogging strength than regular one

In terms of exercise, if the time spend on jogging is more than a regular one, the body will be damaged that the immune system will be affected. Hence, the body ages faster than in regular time. The jogging length should be controlled under 100-150 every month to meet the basic requirements of health.


  • High-frequencies on jogging

Jogging is for a better health. When you start jogging, it is better to jogging every other day to get used to the frequency. And when you body started getting used it, you can change the frequency to a more intense one. Every month 15 to 20 times is enough.


  • Jogging too fast

If you are not a professional athlete, it is not good for your health to jogging too fast. For adults, the average speed should not be too fast. If you jogging too fast, it will hurt your body.


  • Did not have a good rest.If you do not take a good rest, your body will not have enough energy to do exercise. So before doing exercise, it is always better to have a good rest first.


  •  It is not suggested to do exercise when the body is under the weather. Taking a good rest before recovered from illness. 


  • Remember to take enough nutrition.Jogging takes numerous energies that it must intake milk, eggs, and meat timely. If there is no enough nutrition for the consumption, the body ages faster and faster.
Why am I aging Fast since I Start Jogging 02

All in all, if you do not take enough sleep and nutrition before jogging, it will be burden to your body rather than benefits to your body. From my own experience, I had some bad jogging experience before as well. When I was in college, I did not have enough nutrition when I was jogging. For almost half an year, I did not pay attention to my food. Finally I got some stomach problems. From the lesson I know that it is vital to have enough energy and sleep before further body building-up.


Besides that, what else can we do to prevent from aging? Foot bath spa. Foot bath spa has been a good tool to prevent from ageing. There are a lot of benefits from foot bath spa.


  1. Improves blood circulation. If you siting for a long time in the office or do not move your body for a long time, finally there will be some blood circulation problems in you r body. And through hot foot bath spa, the whole body will warm up and the blood circulation will be boosted as well.
  2. Boost metabolism. Foot bath spa will boost metabolism since the hot water stimulate the circulation of body. Hence, the metabolism will be improved as well.
  3. Have a better a sleep

    The periheral nerves and capillaries on feet are parts that can be warmed by foot bath spa to stimulate cerebral cortex to make the nerve peaceful and calm. So that a better sleep will be generated.


    So many details in our life affects our health and life. For some bad habits, if it was kept for a long time and did not change on time, gradually there will be some problems to body, ageing faster, poor metabolism system, poor immune system etc. Once you have some symptom, start looking on yourself and try to find out the problems to solve it out.


    NIKSA foot bath massager is a good equipment for foot bath spa. The multi-functional foot bath spa comes with heating, massage, oxygen bubbles, vibration, and red light functions to relax feet and mind. It can cover feet size that is less than 12 inches feet. In addition, with intelligent temperature control system, you can freely heat the water up to (95℉-118℉) and maintain the temperature.

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