Why Do I Buy Womens Yoga Clothes

Why Do I Buy Womens Yoga Clothes

When I was a little kid, what I usually wore were clothes left from my brothers and sister. For the sake of saving money and materials, mom always picked up some clothes that were still available for me. Frequently, I was excited to put on the clothes from my siblings, because I think they were chic and beautiful. So I never had any doubts or objections to the clothes. But when I turned 6 years old, I started going to school, firstly was nursery school. I found a lot of students in my classes always dressed up like princess whilst I was like a beggar. I ran home and crying out for the comparison with my classmates.

Mom burst into laughs and promised me that she would take me to the market to buy me new clothes. It was at this moment that I realized I was going to have new clothes for the first time in my life. So I was all week being excited before the weekend dropped. When it came, mom drove me to the market on her bike. I was so blissful that there were so many shinning and wonderful clothes on the world. I firstly chose a dress of pink, with lace on. Then I found a green jacket was so colorful that I asked mom to buy for me also. Finally I picked up some pants and jeans. I felt fulled and satisfied home. This was the first time of my clothes shopping.

After the first time of clothes shopping, I rejected to wear any clothes from my brothers or sister, especially brothers. It only made me look like a boy when I was in short hair then. So mom promised taking me to clothes shopping per semester. And my type for clothes changing with the development of time. When I entered primary school, I lost interest in dresses but only on T-shirts and jeans. And it was still accompanied by mom to do the clothes shopping.

womens yoga clothes have become my favorite since college

In the year of 2003, I graduated from primary and entered high school. I started feeling limited when going out with mom and instead prefer to hangout with my cousins to buy my clothes. So every summer holiday, I would take a day to the downtown with my cousins to do shopping. And my type at this moment was different as before. I became interested in dresses again and wanted to look like a lady. Since cousins are much older than me, they always were good at picking up nice and beautiful clothes for me. So that was the moment when I looked like a lady.

After high school, it was time for senior high school, if I was going to go to university. So that were the years of stress. The only thing I have ever cared about was studies and scores. So that was the time of school uniforms only. I never thought about going to shopping on weekends but only study, and I always wore school uniforms for three entire years.

After three years in prison, I finally moved to another page of my life, college, and that was when I started contacting yoga, which kind of changed my life. I joined yoga club the first year when I entered college and there were different students from around the nation that were passionate about yoga, or someone like me did not have any idea what it was. For a better practice and learning, the first task we had was buying yoga clothes for women. And it was my first time that I bought Womens Yoga Clothes. When I put it on to have the first class, I was so happy that it felt so comfortable and free that I can stretch and moved around freely. The first time in my life I felt it was a great discovery in my life, not from textbooks, not from teachers.

I practice yoga at least three times a week

Hence, I enjoyed yoga classes every time when I joined. It was great help to me to relieve my stress on body, and also from mind. After four years practice on yoga, I can stretch freely without the help of my yoga coach. And I felt my body shape changed as well with the time of practicing yoga. And Womens Yoga Clothes becomes my daily outfit ever since. I usually just put on Womens Yoga Clothes to classes, to work, to shopping, to do outdoor activities. I am sure I will continue to practice yoga and the top shopping list for me will be Womens Yoga Clothes.

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