Why Do I buy Womens Tank Tops

Why Do I buy Womens Tank Tops

I have bought many clothes as of today, and the one I like most is womens tank tops. There are a lot of benefits of womens tank tops when it comes to exercise, whether it is dancing, yoga, outdoor activities, or intense sports. The first time when I come across womens tank tops was in college.

When I first entered college, I joined dance club for more fun in my spare time. Hence, I started have training on dances and physical training. Since it is my first time to professional contact with physical training, I do not have any idea what it would be like. So I was so excited and curious how it would be like in the training class. The first class dropped on Friday night after my school classes. I arrived on time at seven o’clock. There are already full of students and loud music circled the dancing room. I was so nervous because every one looks so professional with sports set on. And I am the only one did not wear sportswear. The class started with some simple and easy training, head, neck, shoulders, chest, waist, hip, legs, and finally whole body repeated again. The coach starts with some easy motion but every one looks so difficult for me. I stood in the back line and felt so embarrassed because I was not completely following up the coach, trying to twist my neck, my head, my arms, my legs, but it all moved in an awkward way. When the class ended I only felt tired and exhausted.

wearing womens tank tops when dancing keep me fit

The next morning when I woke up, I felt my whole body pained, from head to toe. I felt I cannot get up from the bed. All the muscles just felt so painful. I tried my best to get out of the bed and started wondering if I should continue again. It took me five days to feel good again. And next time when the training class came, I asked the coach why it felt so aching after the first class. The coach explained everything to me, that the lactic acid accumulated together after intense physical training that I started feeling pain everywhere in my body. And she suggested me to do stretch every time after training.

Besides, she also strongly suggested me to put on womens tanks tops whenever I do sports, whether it is dancing or not. Here are the reasons why we should womens tanks tops wear when we do exercise:

  1. Reducing shacking during movement

When you wear a regular bra, your breasts move up and down in a large range that you will feel uncomfortable when doing sports. When wear a womens tank top, your breasts stay tight in the same level without moving up and down frequently with the temp of your exercise. On the other hand, intense training will result in painfulness if you have sensitive breasts. The womens tank tops greatly solve the problem for you that it supports your breasts to keep them safe.

  1. Protecting sensitive breasts tissues

From research shows that the moving distance of breasts without sports bra on reaches highly to 15cm, which is 50% as up-down moving, and 25% for the rest. In the long run it might result in ache or wither on breasts. Hence, girls should pay attention to breast when doing sports. Womens tank tops work better than regular bras to protect and support breasts. Regular bras are designed to shape your breasts whilst womens tank tops are for less moving during sports, reducing damages to breasts when having intense workout.

  1. No more slipping of shoulder straps

Just image this, you have to space a hand to pull up your shoulder straps when you are high in dance or yoga class? However, when you are on womens tank top, this will not be a problem for your. The nonslip design will not bother you any more when you doing sports. It keeps you calm and easy when in training classes.

I have bought many womens tank tops sonce the dance class

Thanks to my coach, I have realized that I have been wearing the wrong bras when I was in class. After the second class, I bought some womens tank tops to replace regular bras when I am going to do sports. Ever since then I only wear sports bra when I have training classes, doing sports, having outdoor activities, etc. It well protects both my breast and my body, keep fit whenever I want to move my body.

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