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Who Invented Foot Massager?

Who invented foot massage?

Foot massage originated in China about 4,000 years ago. It is a part of ancient Chinese traditional medicine, and it belongs to the same principle of treatment as "acupuncture", which is also traditional medicine. The development has a history of thousands of years, and the earliest foot massage originated in the ancient dance health care era.

Since human beings in ancient times were barefoot, when people danced rhythmically when they were happy or danced vigorously when they were cold, they found that dancing could generate heat, boost spirits, and relieve fatigue. In addition, when people have a certain disease, the feet also feel pain. After the disease improved, the pain in the feet also improved. Through repeated practice, the pattern was found, which formed the basis for rubbing the feet to diagnose the disease and massaging the feet to cure the disease and strengthen the body.

Although foot massage originated in China, it has not been widely spread in China. This is because the cultural heritage of foot massage invented since the Yellow Emperor's time has almost disappeared due to the change of dynasties and natural and man-made disasters in Chinese history.

After going through various dynasties in China, foot massage was introduced to Japan in the Tang Dynasty, becoming today's "acupuncture" and "foot-mind" in Japan;

During the Song Dynasty, due to the restraint of etiquette, foot massage gradually disappeared. In the Ming Dynasty, many medical scientists regarded it as a good way to maintain health. One of Medicine King Sun Simiao's secrets to longevity is to massage the soles of the feet every day, focusing on Yongquan Point.

Foot massage was introduced to Europe during the Yuan Dynasty.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, American physicians used modern medical methods to study and organize theories about this "regional therapy", and only after they were published in the medical community did they gradually attract the attention of Westerners. Basically, Switzerland in the same period was a monk. After the device came into contact with foot massage, he also began to study and read various books on foot massage, and slowly began to perform foot massages for people. The effect was very significant and gradually formed. A set of medicine-free foot reflex zone health methods.

An unhealthy body is mostly due to a lack of exercise. In ancient times, people worked barefoot in the fields all day, and the soles of their feet directly touched the ground, so they were stimulated to promote circulation, and then they sweated and drank water, completing a normal cycle of metabolism. Healing function of the human body. Therefore, the bodies of ancient people are much healthier than modern people.

Foot massage is based on the principle of stimulating acupuncture points.

Foot massage is a natural health method that massages the reflex zones of diseased organs or glands based on the principle of stimulation to restore their original functions, achieve therapeutic effects, and maintain health. It is a traditional medical method of the third pattern of medical science.

Through the function of metabolism, our body achieves the function of removing wastes and toxins from the body. The lymphatic system, kidneys, small intestines, skin, etc. scattered throughout the body are the main organs for removing wastes produced by metabolism. If the function is abnormal, the waste and toxins in the body cannot be eliminated, and the body will naturally be unhealthy.

Foot massage can significantly stimulate the reflex areas of various parts, make blood circulation smooth, remove wastes and toxins accumulated in the body, make the metabolism function normally, and finally achieve the therapeutic effect.

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Developments of Foot massager

Today, with the further improvement of the level of technology and processing, the foot massager came into being! It is not easy to trace the person who invented foot massage, but the development and history are long enough to prove that foot massage is good for health and wellness.

In addition, with the development of technology and times, some electric foot massager comes into being. It makes people easy to access foot massages at home. Without going to a massage parlor, you can just enjoy a foot massage at home, relaxing your feet and mind, and good for your health.

With the end to bring wellness to people around the world, NIKSA has been dedicated to researching health care products for clients, bringing better and healthier lives around the world. NIKSA foot bath massager is the feet care product that first came into being to take care of the feet. It comes with vibration, rollers, and bubbles to fully relax and massage feet, relax feet and improve health.

In the long term, foot massage will be popular among every family around the world, and we will continue to create more feet care products for our clients.
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