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What You Should Know Before You Buy a Footbath Massager

With the increasing improvement of living standards, electric massagers once became the darling of the consumer market and a powerful tool to improve the physical discomfort of millions of people. Massage originated from traditional Chinese medicine health care and is one of the ways to improve physical function and improve various physical discomforts. However, now that the pace of life is accelerating, it is impossible to go to a professional massage institution. Therefore, buying a foot bath massager has become the ultimate choice for most families. However, there are many types of electric massagers, and the following points should be paid attention to when purchasing.


Whether a foot bath massager works or not depends a lot on the brand. Today, consumption has shifted from emotional consumption to rational consumption. Consumers recognize the quality and function of products and hope that the products they buy meet various regulations and can be used safely for a long time. But consumers are not professionals, how do determine the quality of the product? The brand is indeed a good reference factor. If consumers are willing to buy foot bath massagers, they may wish to go to the mall to refer to 3-5 well-known brands, and then choose the best ones.


Electrical products have a warranty period of more than one year. Although different merchants will have their policies inclined, for consumers, foot bath massagers are different from other products and can easily cause damage. Therefore, the more complete the guarantee, the better it is for them. When buying a foot spa massager, you should ask the merchant how long the warranty period is. If the other party can provide the service of extending the warranty period, then you can choose.


Footbath massagers also have different specifications. When purchasing, you should focus on personal experience. Do not rely solely on price without considering your actual needs.
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Using tips before you buy a foot bath massager

Besides, before you buy a foot bath massager, you also need to know some safety tips so that no dangers are caused by when using an electric foot bath massager.

Here are some tips consumers must also pay attention to when using electric massagers to avoid adverse consequences.
1. Read the instruction manual carefully before use, and operate according to the prescribed methods.
2. Different shapes of massage heads should be selected according to the part or purpose of the massage.
3. The priority of various massages should be appropriate, be light but not floating, heavy but not stagnant, slow for replenishment, and urgent for diarrhea.
4. Those who suffer from herpes, dermatitis, and skin injuries should not use a foot bath massager. If you feel uncomfortable during using the massager, you should stop using it immediately.
5. The continuous use time should generally not exceed 30 minutes, and the interval time should be more than 10 minutes. Do not use too much force. Excessive force and prolonged use can overheat the massager. When the vibration of the electric massager is too strong or too weak, its strength adjustment fails, there is an abnormal sound, and the switch fails, you should stop using it immediately.
6. Pay attention to safety when using it. Do not use an electric massager when taking a bath, as it is easy to cause electric shock in a humid environment. Plugin the power plug first, and then turn on the power switch. After using the foot spa massager, first, turn off the power switch, then unplug the plug, and finally remove the massage head, put it in the box, and wait for the electric massager to cool down to room temperature before placing it in a dry and ventilated place for collection.

Footbath massager is one of our best sellers in the market. With the ambition to bring healthy life to our clients, NIKSA has been dedicated to producing qualified massagers for people all over the world. Footbath massager is the start of our product line, but it will not be the last one in our product line. More massagers are coming soon. Please stay tuned.
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