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What Are the Benefits of Foot Bath Massager

Who Cannot Take a Boot Bath Massage

As per medical reports, diabetes will cause lesion of nervous that nerve endings cannot feel temperature from outside. When the temperature is so high it is easy to get burned and diabetes will cause the damage of foot skin that deteriorate diabetic foot.

2.Girls on period
Because foot bath massager will improve blood circulation that it will have more blood during period. It is suggested to have foot bath massage after period.

Foot bath massage will expand veins that aggravates extravasated blood and condition. The feet will get swollen.

4.Low extremity atherosclerosis disease
Foot bath massage will expand arteriovenous vessels that boosts blood circulation. Hence it will loose more blood and result in necrosis.

5.Tinea pedis
Foot bath massage will expand blood capillary in the foot area that might damage the skin and worsen the condition.

It is better for kids not to have foot bath massage since the bones and ligaments do not grow well yet, it might have some bad effect on them.

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Benefits of foot bath massage

1.Improve blood circulation
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, foot is the organ that is the farthest from the heart and bear most weight. It is the second heart of human being. Hence the blood circulation can be enhanced through feet by foot bath massage.

2.Activate foot points, reflecting region and main and collateral channels
The foot points will reflect the condition of some organs. When have foot bath massage the hot water and massage will activate the points and main and collateral channels on foot that it is beneficial to your organs.

3.Improve sleep
Foot bath massage can also improve sleep because it will decrease lactic acid in the blood. In addition, through activation on nerve and capillary, the cerebral cortex will be restrained and the sleep will get better.

Tips for foot bath massage

There are a lot of do’s and don’s of foot bath massage, but what can we do to get the best benefits of foot bath massager? Here are some tips to get so.
It is recommended to have foot bath massage every other day. If you do not have enough time, it is better to have foot bath massage 3 times a week
As per traditional Chinese medicine, the best time to have foot bath massage is at 9 p.m when is the best time to adjust energy and blood so that the body get the most rest and renovation. It should be one hour later after dinner, do not eat too full. After drinking it is not allowed to have foot bath massage, it will cause poor digestion and dizziness.

The suggested time for foot bath massage is 15-30 minutes that the body feel warm and sweat a little bit. If it takes too short time, it will not have effect. And if it takes too long, the will be too much blood circulation and short of blood back to the heart. By the way, if you do not get sweat when taking a foot bath massage, that is alright. Some people is not easy to get sweat, so do not extend the duration just for sweating. For those people have heart disease or high blood pressure, remember to control the duration of foot bath massage under 15 minutes to avoid any risks to the heart.

There is no exact temperature for foot bath massage yet. But usually it is recommended to have foot bath massage around 40-45℃. The temperature of hands is around 36℃, and if you feel the water is warm but not so hot then it should be enough to have foot bath massage. If it feels so hot, it should be above 50℃ or something.
From many researches show that the depth of water foot massage is better to cover calfs because there are a lot of main and collateral channels around calfs that if the water covered the calfs, there will be more benefits to health.

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 After reading all the benefits of foot bath massage, what are you waiting for? Please get foot massager spa as soon as possible to relax your foot and body and mind all along. It is allowed to have foot bath massage every season, spring, summer, fall, and winter. Do not think it is only beneficial in winter, not at all. Every season has its good effects from foot bath massage.

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