What are easy to be ignored during exercising

What are easy to be ignored during exercising?

We all know that exercise can lose weight, enhance the body's resistance and so on. So, more and more people are taking time to exercise. However, many people are injured in exercise or have various discomfort after exercise. This is caused by many aspects being overlooked in the course of the movement.

What aspects of sports that are easily overlooked but important?

1.Preparation before the exercise

Preparation of the supplies. For example, drinking water, headphones, towels, etc.

People suffering from hypoglycemia and low blood pressure should not warm up on an empty stomach. And it is best to carry some cookies, candy, and sugary drinks.

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2.Warm-up before the exercise

It is recommended to be ready to warm up fully before exercising. You can do some limb stretching activities. Such as walking, turning, turning waist, deep breathing, etc. In addition, although there is no fixed mode and method of warm-up, but for patients with certain diseases should pay more attention to the warm-up exercise.

It is known to do preparation activities before exercise, preparation activities are designed to prevent injury during exercise. But what kind of preparation activity is the most reasonable? This requires everyone to understand the sports they do. Learning about the joints and muscles they need to use when exercising. Fully warm up the joints and muscles before exercise. Specially, be sure to move your muscles. Should the muscles suddenly go into big exercise without activity. Because it is easy to hurt yourself in the process of exercise.

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What should the preparation activity be more reasonable? How long does it take to be more appropriate?

It is best to stretch from in situ to moving around to running stretching ratio. This gradual approach will be more suitable for the human body. Move the large and small joints on the body first. You can move your neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, waist, waist, crotch, knee, ankle and other joints according to your preferences. This is essentially fully pulling the muscles around the joints. Now, with the development of science, people known more about the structure of the body and the muscles. There are many kinds of preparation activities, such as using a foam shaft to roll the muscles out of the body and pulling the muscles open with yoga movements. In the end, the preparation activity is to pull the muscles away. This is beneficial to avoid sports injury and faster movement.

About the time of preparing the activity, the human body is having a warm-up process. Because each person's body function is different and the speed of response to the preparation activity is different. It is recommended to maintain the preparation process for 15 minutes. Then you can strengthen the joints and muscles to move according to the sports that you want to exercise.

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Let's see some of the key reasons why the warm-up is so important.

The organs of the body have a strong "physiological inertia", and the warm-up exercise can relieve the body's "dormant state".
Warm-up exercise can accelerate the heart rate and improve the body's blood supply ability.
Warm-up exercise can increase the range of joint movement, increase the range of movement during exercise, and reduce the risk of joint injury during exercise.
Warm-up exercises raise the muscles and body temperature, allowing the muscles into the best exercise.

How is it an effective warm-up exercise?

Mind to relax, to the body slightly sweat is appropriate, no foundation can spend more time on practice. Beginners can try to use their free time to practice more, in order to shorten the adaptation time.

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3.Dressing during exercising

The wearing clothes when sports should not only be comfortable but also meet the sports needs.

The range of movement is large, the sportswear needs to have enough elasticity to meet the needs of action, reduce the sense of restraint and friction.

Sweat more when exercise, the sportswear needs to have good air permeability and quick drying function, to avoid the discomfort caused by wet clothes because of sweat.

Niksa's sportswear uses good materials and modern design to meet your athletic needs.

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4.Post-motion stretch

Stretch after exercise can enhance the overall muscle synergy, more conducive to muscle recovery and growth. Which can also improve the speed of shaping. Stretch somewhat increases muscle softness and helps you build a dynamic body. After exercise without stretching exercise, will easy to lead to weak muscle expansion ability and decreased flexibility. For example, not stretching after running may cause the calf to become thicker and thicker, not stretching after other training will lead to back thickening and arm becoming thicker, etc.

Without stretching after a long period of exercise, the muscles are in a contraction state and the local pressure increases. Over the long run, inflammation occurs. And the products of the body metabolism can not be excluded in time. It will slowly accumulate to the parts of the joints and muscles. This can cause muscle fatigue and even exercise pain in these areas. Not only is it difficult to continue the training, but it also can cause physical harm. So, stretching is not only the key to improve muscle mobility, but also an important guarantee to avoid injury.

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