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What are Body Massagers?

What are body massagers?

The body massager is a new generation of health care equipment developed based on physics, bionics, bioelectronics, traditional Chinese medicine, and many years of clinical practice. It not only has eight simulation functions, allowing you to truly experience the wonderful feeling of eight functions of acupuncture, massage, hammering, cupping, scraping, slimming, and immune regulation, as well as the unique effect of treating high blood pressure. Using several independent soft-touch massage heads can relax muscles, soothe nerves, promote blood circulation, strengthen cell metabolism, enhance skin elasticity, relieve fatigue, significantly reduce various chronic pain, acute pain, and muscle soreness, relax the body, and reduce stress, reduce skin wrinkles.

How many types of body massagers?

With the development of life and science, massagers have also developed in a variety of ways, but they are classified in different ways.
The energy consumption can be divided into:

1. Energy-consumption and non-energy-consumption massagers. Energy-consuming massagers are our ordinary electronic massagers, which require power to operate. Non-energy-consuming massagers do not require power and require active massage. In a broad sense, it also includes natural massage equipment, such as combs, horns, logs, wooden massager, etc.

2. The massager can also be divided into active massager and passive massage in terms of massage form. Passive massager means that we do not move the massager, it is a kind of enjoyment massage method. General electronic massagers are passive massagers; active massage means that people actively use the massager and need to pay for labor.

3. Electronic massager is also divided into electromagnetic massage, vibration massage, and infrared massage. However, you must pay attention to the purchase of electronic massagers. When purchasing electronic massagers from regular manufacturers, some illegally operated electronic massagers may cause radiation hazards to the body. In addition, do not use electronic massagers to massage the same body parts for a long time, especially those close to the brain and heart, so as to avoid long-term exposure to radiation, causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Of course, those natural massagers have no energy consumption and no radiation and can be used for a long time.

4. The massager is divided into massage parts: neck, shoulders, back, waist, abdomen, brain, legs, feet, chest, and eyes.

niksa foot bath massager

How to choose a body massager?

1. Generally speaking, it should be purchased according to the purpose. For example, for general beauty and health care, you can choose a hand-held gentle tapping massager, while for special medical treatment or sports, you should choose a massager with variable strength.

2. It is reasonable to choose the massager according to the action part. Because people are uncomfortable in certain parts, they can often get obvious curative effects through massage, so when purchasing, you can choose different types of massagers or general massagers for the back, hands, feet, face, etc. according to your own special needs.

3. If you often go out with a massager, you should choose a lightweight portable massager.

4. The massager shell is made of plastic and metal. Generally speaking, the plastic shell is light in weight, good insulation performance, and the plastic massager with good product quality should be bright, clean, and free of blistering. If there is no ground wire for the massager with a metal shell, it happens to leak electricity during use, which may cause an electric shock accident. In addition, it is necessary to check that the key switch should be flexible and reliable, and the accessories should be complete.

5. There is no certain standard for high and low noise. Even if there are regulations, it is measured in decibels. Most people cannot easily judge whether it meets the requirements. The quality with low noise is good. If the sound is too loud, it is very detrimental to the treatment.

6. The structure of the massager must be convenient for cleaning, lubricating oil, and other maintenance needs.

7. Feel the massage effect. For massagers with strong and weak switches, you can turn on the strong and weak switches respectively to see if they are flexible. If there are other functions in the manual, they should be tested one by one. If time permits, a longer boot test can be performed until it automatically shuts down (if there is an automatic shutdown setting). The massager shell should not be overheated when you touch it with your hands.

There are three points to consider when choosing a massager:
1. Look at the appearance, and the shape should be beautiful and generous.
2. The second is to listen to the noise level. After starting the massager, listen to it. Generally speaking, the quality of low noise is good.
3. Feel the massage effects.

More comments:
From the appearance of the massager, if the massager with good product quality is made of plastic, it should be bright, clean, and free of foaming. In addition, it is necessary to check that the key switch should be flexible and reliable, and the accessories should be complete.

After the appearance inspection is completed, the electrical performance of the massager can be inspected according to the requirements of the manual. If it is a massager with variable vibration intensity and speed, the key adjustment should be flexible and reliable, and the changes should be smooth.
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