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Various sports

Whether you like sports or not, no matter how busy your life is, more or less you will have done some sports in your life. In fact, life is inseparable from sports. For example, doing housework is a kind of exercise. Walking to work is a physical exercise. Up and down the stairs is a movement. Moving things is also a movement.
Movement is an energy-consuming process. It is diverse and everywhere. It can be a preference in your life or the work you live, even the direction you study research. It affects your life, work, health, mood, and even life.
However, do you know anything about sports?
Let's take a look at what sports categories are there in our daily life!

1.Classified by the energy source in motion
Human exercise requires energy, if energy comes from intracellular aerobic metabolism (oxidation reaction), it is aerobic exercise; but if energy comes from anaerobic glycolysis, it is anaerobic exercise.

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Aerobic Exercise
During exercise, the body's metabolism is accelerated. Accelerated metabolism requires more energy. The human body's energy is derived through the catabolism of sugar, protein, and fat in the body.
When the amount of exercise is small, such as jogging and dancing, the supply of body energy mainly comes from the aerobic metabolism of sugar. The exercise with the aerobic metabolism of sugar as the main energy supply is what we talk about aerobic exercise.
With this exercise, oxygen fully yeast the sugar in the body. Aerobic exercise can not only consume body fat, enhance and improve cardiopulmonary function, prevent osteoporosis, but also regulate mental and mental state. It is the main way people exercise today.

Anaerobic exercise
When we are engaged in very violent sports or rapid outbreak, such as lifting, 100 meters sprint, wrestling, etc., the body needs a lot of energy in the moment. And under normal circumstances, aerobic metabolism can not meet the needs of the body at this time. So sugar is anaerobic metabolism, in order to quickly produce a lot of energy. Exercise in this state is anaerobic exercise.
Research has found that through anaerobic exercise can improve the body's muscle strength, explosive force, increase muscle volume, and improve the speed of exercise.

It is best to combine aerobic exercise with aerobic exercise! The more promoted exercise method is high intensity interval training (high-intensity interval training) which is the popular sport word HIIT that refers to the practitioner exercises for dozens of seconds under extreme exercise intensity, then take a short rest, and then repeat the full exercise for a short time. Raise your heart rate in a short time to save time and efficiency. If the outdoor running partners can't increase the slope, you can only use the variable speed sprint run.
Often the movements are: Bobby jump, push-ups, squat, high leg lifting, open and jump, arrow jump and so on. These actions are combined in a set of 30 seconds for each action and 30 seconds to rest after each action, thus repeated in 2 groups. This is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and it can burn heat quickly and achieve weight loss without any equipment or tools.

2.Classified by motion form and content
Ball sports: basketball, football, badminton, etc
Track and field: running, pick tall, long jump, etc
Gymnastics: trampoline, aerobics, odd and parallel bars

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Although we know many sports, but due to the restrictions of venues and equipment, many sports cannot be performed anytime and anywhere. The most common way of exercise in daily life is running. Whether you are in the gym or in an outdoor park you can see people choose running as sports to exercise.
Sports is the conscious cultivation of their own physical quality in the process of human development. Exercise is both a habit and an ability. Both athletes and sports enthusiasts can make exercise plans, supervise, and create conditions for themselves.

No matter what exercise, long-term persistence can play the effect of exercise. For example, yoga and health exercises. Although the action is not intense, the energy consumption in a short time is not running more, but long-term adhere to the function of all aspects of the body to achieve the effect of exercise.

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Notably, the dress when exercising is particularly important. Because the sportswear will affect the movement effect. You will find that professional athletes wear professional clothes when sports.
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