Using a warm palace belt is very simple and convenient.

Using a warm palace belt is very simple and convenient.

The following are the steps to use a warm palace belt:

Preparation: Ensure that the warm palace belt is connected to the power supply, and that the temperature and vibration mode have been adjusted to your comfort level. You can also adjust the size of the belt first to ensure it fits your waist size.

Cleaning: Before use, make sure to clean the waist area thoroughly. This can help improve the fit and comfort of the product.

Wearing: Fix the warm palace belt in your waist area. Ensure it fits tightly but not too tightly to ensure your comfort and flexibility.

Start using: Press the switch button on the belt to activate the heating and vibration functions. You can choose the appropriate temperature and vibration mode according to your personal preferences. If you want to adjust the settings, you can follow the operating instructions on the product manual.

Usage time: The duration of using the warm palace belt can be determined based on your needs and comfort level. It is usually recommended to use for 20 to 30 minutes, but you can also extend or shorten the usage time according to your personal situation.

Attention: During use, please ensure to maintain a moderate temperature and vibration force to avoid discomfort or excessive stimulation. If you feel unwell or have any questions, please stop using and consult a doctor or professional for advice.

Storage and maintenance: After use, store the warm palace belt in a dry and clean place. Follow the cleaning and maintenance guidelines on the product manual to ensure the durability and hygiene of the product.

Important note: The warm palace belt is only intended to provide comfort, warmth, and alleviate symptoms, and is not a substitute for medical advice. If you have serious menstrual discomfort or other gynecological issues, please consult a doctor for professional advice and treatment.

The above are the basic steps and precautions for using a warm palace belt. Remember, it is important to read the product manual and consult professional advice before using any new product. I hope the warm palace belt can provide you with comfort and relief, allowing you to spend a more relaxed period.

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