Traditional Chinese medicine at the Olympics

Traditional Chinese medicine at the Olympics

Now, in addition to China, more and more countries have seen the charm of traditional Chinese medicine.

In recent years, traditional Chinese medicine has developed better and better around the world. According to incomplete statistics, TCM has been spread to nearly 200 countries and regions, with at least 150,000 TCM clinics and hundreds of thousands of practitioners all over the world. In many countries, such as the United States, Canada, Singapore, etc., the practice of traditional Chinese medicine has long been a legal guarantee.

clinic for chinese medicine

In New York, London, Melbourne, Paris, Toronto and other cities, you see the Chinese medicine clinics, the door has 'massage', 'Chinese medicine' and other words.

Modern medical model changes from a biological model to a comprehensive model of biological, psychological, social and environmental conditions. Medical purposes are also adjusted from medical treatment to prevention. This adjustment is very consistent with the overall system theory, dialectical theory and health care concept of traditional Chinese medicine. It can be said that the development of traditional Chinese medicine represents the trend and direction of the future medical development. 

Not only in daily life, traditional Chinese medicine has already entered the Olympic Games. 

In 2008, China as the organizer of the Olympics, first let the traditional Chinese medicine joined the medical team. China held lectures on traditional Chinese medicine preventive sports medicine for various medical teams, and held acupuncture, cupping, traditional Chinese medicine massage and other projects, which were not available in the previous Olympic Games. Traditional Chinese medicine therapy entered the Olympic medical security system for the first time and was welcomed by officials and athletes from many countries. In 2008, athletes from various countries often queued up in long lines to experience TCM therapy.

Fish Phelps

2016, Rio Olympics. If you're a swimmer, you won't miss Flying Fish Phelps for 5 gold. As remarkable as the result is the "mysterious mark" left by the cupping can on his back. For a while, American swimmer Phil Phelps "endorsement" cupping successfully appeared on the hot search list. Traditional Chinese medicine has once again become a topic that people have talked about.

In fact, many athletes like the cupping.

American gymnast Chris Brooks said cupping was also popular on the gymnastics team.

American men's gymnast Alex Nador has posted his cupping on his social media, talking about the beauty of cupping: " This is a secret weapon to keep me healthy this year, and it works better than all other treatments I spent money before. It was my best way to relieve the pain and completely save me from the pain."

Former Olympic champion Natalie Covlin has also posted photos of the cupping on her social media

traditional Chinese medicine

Cupping, a non-drug therapy derived from the traditional external treatment field of traditional Chinese medicine, has conquered many Chinese and foreign athletes with its convenient and effective characteristics.

Cupping therapy can stimulate the qi of the meridians, stimulate the weak viscera function, improve the body's disease resistance, at the same time, through suction, can exhaust the wind, cold, dampness and congestion, play the role of righting and removing evil. For athletes in swimming, diving, gymnastics and other sports, they are easy to catch cold. One of the most important reasons for their cupping is to get rid of the cold in the body and improve their immune ability.

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to internal adjustment, through traditional Chinese medicine with acupuncture, cupping, massage and other ways, to improve and mobilize the overall function of the body, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the disease. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes health preservation, pay attention to Qi and blood. So in daily life, massage, cupping, acupuncture and other used to regulate qi and blood to delay aging to keep the body alive.

NIKSA foot Spa bath massager

You will say that cupping is too professional to go to the traditional Chinese medicine clinics to do it. After a tired day, you don't have much energy to drive to the downtown traditional Chinese medicine hall to seek treatment.

So is there a therapy that has the same effect as cupping, but easy to operate, convenient for the public to use at home?

The answer is yes. The name of this therapy is foot massage.

The foot massage may not have a significant cupping effect, but the long-term persistence can also achieve the same effect. Most importantly, foot massage therapy can be enjoyed at home by purchasing a foot Spa bath massager! Many athletes and stars have a foot Spa bath massager at home. They always add suitable warm water, choose the favorite mode, to relieve the fatigue, eliminate the body edema, to achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation and clearing dampness.

What is you still waiting for? Buy a foot Spa bath massager, let the foot massage spa near you to relieve the day's fatigue! Love life and enjoy life!

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