three ways to get close to nature in new year

Three Ways to Get Close to Nature in New Year

  • Surfing

Surfing comes up on the list since it is one of the most exciting sports to do for vocation. Nevertheless, for winter holiday, some countries do not have the chance to experience surfing. The best way to do so is find an island, and spend a few days or weeks there to enjoy surfing. The first time when I came across surfing was when four years ago, before the outbreak of COVID_19. It was a usual winter holiday when I have no idea where to go and how to kill the time. A friend of mine suggests me to go for an island to have fun in the sea. Without any hesitation, I booked the ticket and packed up to set out for the trip. I was not planned for surfing in the first place, it was just an escape from work. Nevertheless, when I arrived I was so amazed by the surroundings. On this note, I have to introduce the island. It is located in South East Asia with intense waves and beautiful beaches. In the first day, we did not do anything but just walking along the beach, to feel the wind, sand and waves. However, the second day we met some friends who invited up to join them for surfing, which was my virgin surfing for the first time in my life. It took quite some energy and time to learn surfing and I was completely tan after two days surfing on the sea. Luckily enough, I am not burned but my roommate was burned so much that he could not stop cream at night. Lol. That was a good way to get close to nature to welcome new coming year and say goodbye to the past. A powerful and energetic tip to start a new year.

 Hiking is full of fun
  • Hiking

After last surfing trip, I have made my mind that I must go for a trip to welcome new year every year. The next year, before the New Year drops, I planned with my best friend where to go and what to do to welcome the New Year. This time was a hiking. It was a planned trip but we went out of plan. From our plan, we were going to take a taxi to there. However, out of our expectation, no one is willing to take us there. After turning down by so many drivers, we finally had to change our plan to take a train. Because of the accident, we arrived so late at night. The next two days we went hiking and it was an exciting adventure. We went to a mountain that seldom explored by tourists and it was only known by locals. We went with the guide and explored so many views that almost not discovered by.

  • Skiing

When it is winter, it is time for skiing. It is my dream to skiing and enjoy the beauty of snow and winter. This winter I finally get the chance to ask for a long leave and get into the nature of snow. We went there by fly, when I first landed on the resort, the splendid snow land made me fresh. The first time to get close to snow, the first time that I felt the comfort from snow. When I stood in front of the snow, and saw the nature gift, I felt peaceful and calm. All the anxieties and worries went away all of a sudden. I realized comparing to human being, nature are the most wonderful thing in the world. I cannot find the peace and sooth in the city or through just shopping, but getting to nature make me alive and full of energy again.

Skiing is my favorite

Above-mentioned events are the ones that I have tried to explore nature and get my energy back. I will certainly explore nature every year to fill me up and get myself together. When I am not travelling and just working, I still need some exercise to relieve pain and stress, what I choose to do is doing sports at home or going to gym, to keep fit and keep moving even thought I cannot go far. Whenever I do sports, I like to put on yoga pants for women to have a better stretch and movement.

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