Three Facts about Foot Bath Massager

Three Facts about Foot Bath Massager

Massage is one of the health care methods for the body, from head to toe. You can choose whatever part you want to do a massage and relax your mind and muscles. However, when it comes to foot massager, not everyone knows the theories and facts about foot bath massagers. Today we are going to introduce three facts on footbath massager. There are the types, heating theory, and massage ways.

1. Types of foot bath massager

There are five-foot bath massagers in the market at the moment, a wooden cask, plastic tub, folding foot massager, steam foot massager, and full automatic foot bath massager. An automatic foot bath massager is the one we are going to introduce.

2. Heating theories of foot bath massager

a.Glass tube heating

The outer layer of the glass tube is coated with metal, which will generate heat when electrified, and the heat will be transferred to the water flowing inside through the glass tube. Uneven heating, high temperature, and external force will affect the sealing of the glass tube. If the sealing is not good, the water will contact the heating current. This is the origin of the leakage of the foot bath massager. This method is eliminated already.


PTC is also a kind of resistance heating, which is currently recognized as a very safe heating method. It is used in many fields of the home appliance industry, such as air conditioners, fan heaters, dryers, and hand warmers.

There are two kinds of PTC: polymer PTC and ceramic PTC. The footbath uses ceramic PTC, which should be wrapped with insulating material (similar to tape) when used.

If the insulating layer fails to meet the regulations, it will affect the safety performance, the leakage current will exceed the standard, and in severe cases, the insulating layer will be broken down, which will directly lead to leakage.

Because of the high safety of PTC, the early PTC foot bath will directly put the PTC heating body in the water for heating. After the insulating layer is soaked in water, the leakage current will increase, and there will be a feeling of "numbness" when soaking the feet, which is also the reason why everyone is worried.

There are two solutions in the industry. One is to make a metal shell to cover the heating body to keep the insulating layer dry and to indirectly heat the water through the metal cover.

Water and electricity are also separated in PTC direct heating structure. The disadvantage is that the heating is not uniform, and after the sealing ring between the heating body and the barrel is aged, the water will leak and the safety will be reduced.

c.Circular PTC

Another way is to optimize the structural design of the foot bath massager, design a sealed bottom space, and divide the foot bath massager into two. The heating body and the electrical circuit are installed below, and the water is installed on it. The water and electricity are completely separated, and there is no chance of contact. This is the real hydropower separation, and the effect of hydropower separation is more ideal.

Because the heating body is under the water, to heat the water above, a circulating water pump must be installed to form a circulating heating system through the water pipe. Only in this way, the water in the footbath massager can be continuously circulated through the heating body, and finally, the overall heating can be achieved.

d.DPS heating

Based on PTC heating, there is a safer heating method, which is DPS heating. Its insulating material is magnesium powder, which is called magnesium oxide and is generally used in cables with very high insulation requirements, such as cables in mines.

Powdered magnesium powder has a characteristic after sintering and curing. Its insulation performance can be compared to ordinary insulating materials, and its sealing performance is good. The leakage current through magnesium powder is much lower than that of PTC, and its safety is higher. Of course, the price is also high.

3. Massage ways of foot bath massager

The heating method is for the safety of foot bath massage, while the massage ways are for the comfort of feet. There are two types of massage ways, rollers and automatic massaging.


When the foot bath massager comes with rollers, the feet need to move so that the rollers move too. In this way, it will do some massage to the feet.

b.Automatic massage

The automatic massager is through the motor to realize automatic massage. As per the structure of massage components, there are roller massage, ball wheel massage, and zoned compound massage.

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After knowing the three facts about foot bath massagers, you will have a more clear idea about footbath massagers and understand what is the one that suits you.
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