the worst person in the world

The Worst Person in the World

Not every one know what they want in life when they were young, quite some people are working hard to find the inner self and goal in life, whilst some people may just get used to the mundane repeated life. I am one of the struggling one to find myself, but still no answer has been found yet.  

Sometime we have no idea why we choose to do something, and not to do something, but psychologically speaking, most of the behavior of human beings come up for some reasons of psychological needs. The stress response to various issues displays in different modes, whether it is happiness or sadness. To some extent, I also have no idea why I react in some ways until so many years later, when I look back on the past, I gradually found the reason and understand my inner demands.

For a period of time, I was so anxious about my career, and set up a blue print for the future, promising and hopeful. Sometimes I want to be a translator, sometimes I want to be a sales manager, sometimes I want to be a director, sometimes I want to be a real estate agent, etc. So for quite a period of time, I have no idea who I am and what I am good at, I just keep trying different things to find the inner me and find my strength. But it did not work out. I do not find the true me when I was on my way to be who I want to be. Even after so many ups and downs, as of today I am still curious about myself and the future.

In terms of relationship, I also have no idea what kind of relationship I am interested in. Sometimes I just enjoy the pleasure of sex, so dating with different hot guys become a routine for me. While keep doing this for a long time, I found I was tired of just carnal desire, and prefer true love. But when I was starting looking for true love, it never shows up. No one really cares about me, but only wants sex with me. I feel depressed and sad, disappointed at men and relationship. It is a process that I was so tired of seeing new people, and do not want to have any social life.

 meditation keeps me calm

The worst time of my life, I do not find my direction of career and relationship, and do not have any hope for the future. Every day repeated in the say way, emotionally and psychologically. Do not find a way to get rid of the depression. Until, I found something special to my life, meditation. Meditation plays a big role in changing the mindset and relax body and mind. Practicing meditation every day not only is beneficial to psychological health, but also to physical health. It relieves pressure and anxiety, boosts sleep and focus. For the first few times, it is not obvious to find the effect, only keep practicing that the result will show up to your body.

Another way to find the inner peace is doing sports. There are quite a lot of choice in terms of exercise, hiking, swimming, cycling, dancing, gym, strength training, etc. Above-mentioned sports are all good for mental and physical health, just different person has different preference. From some researches show that outdoor activities are more beneficial to mental and physical health, getting close to nature stimulate the nature-awe that will improve spirits and overcome negative thoughts and behavior. Hence, the recommended exercise should be outdoor ones.

close to nature keeps me high

One hour at least per day doing outdoor activities is recommended to build mental health and physical health. When doing outdoor activities is better to put on professional outfit for a better protection, stretch, and movement. Compression leggings for women is a nice option when it comes to exercise. Made of high quality, the leggings for women features breathable, quick-dry, elastic, and skin-friendly. A good company when it comes to any events you are going to join.

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