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The best time of day to exercise

Life is getting tighter now. Everyone's life is filled with work, study, or family. Do you have time to exercise every day? Some people like to get up early in the morning to run or morning swimming, and others like to take time to do exercise in the afternoon, and more people choose to exercise in the evening after work or class. Although saying having exercise is better than having none. But have you ever wondered when the exercise is best for yourself?

Experts say there are two best periods for the human body to exercise!

One is from 10 to 11 am. In the morning, carbon dioxide and automobile exhaust content are high in the air. After the sunlight, these substances will gradually dissipate. The air quality of about 10 o'clock is better, which is suitable for outdoor sports.

The other is from 4 to 6 p. m., the human body generally reaches the peak in the evening, when the exercise effect is the best.

Daniel Pink said in Time Management that there is no right or wrong between morning sports or night sports, but it can just help you achieve different goals.

moring or evening

In the morning:
1.Exercise helps to reduce weight. In most cases, morning exercise consumes 20% more fat than exercise after eating, Daniel Pink said.
2.Exercise can cheer yourself up. Swimming, running, and even walking your dog can put you in a better mood.
3.People can develop habits. Studies have shown that if people choose to exercise in the morning, they can adhere to the habit of exercise. In addition, if you have insomnia in the night exercise, also try to exercise in the morning, because the morning exercise will improve sleep quality.
4.Exercise can enhance strength. Our physiology changes in the day, with different hormone levels. Arrange exercise in the morning will help increase strength.

In the evening or at night:
1. can avoid injury while exercise. Muscle temperature rises, more elastic, not easy to hurt. Human temperature will peak in the evening, when the exercise is not easy to get hurt.
In the study《What's the Best Time of Day to Exercise》: After a day of photosynthesis, the atmosphere had concentrations of the most oxygen at dusk. At this time, the human feeling is the most sensitive, aerobic exercise ability (endurance) increased by about 4%. And the blood pressure and heart rate are both low and stable, from these points, the afternoon is really the most suitable for exercise.
2.achieves the best performance. Lung function is the strongest during this time period and is conducive to achieving optimal exercise performance. According to incomplete statistics, many Olympic records were created during this time period.

day or night

About exercise time and health:
Getting up in the morning, the body wakes up from sleep with the lowest metabolic rate. If we can exercise properly, which is conducive to improve metabolic rate and improve blood circulation. Exercise in the morning means getting up early, and the premise is going to bed early. Go to bed early and get up early, and live a regular life, which is originally conducive to health.

People with the concept of fitness, no matter how busy the work, will take time to exercise. For people who love sports or just want to start sports, choosing when to exercise is always a problem!

clock istock

Is there really the "best" time to exercise?
You can choose a time period to stick to exercise. If after exercising for a period of time, you find that you have full spirit, good appetite, good sleep quality! So show that this time period of exercise is perfect for you. That's your best time to exercise.
On the contrary, if after exercising for a period of time, you find that you often feel sleepy and sleep poorly. This means that you, you need to try other points to find the best time for you.
In fact, the movement is good, the key is in the word "insist".
If you know the lack of exercise, don't care about the morning or evening. Just act, to exercise. Don't turn the inappropriate exercise time into an excuse not to exercise.
After all, the best exercise time is called: Now!

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