Tennis Skirts Collections

Tennis Skirts Collections

What is tennis skirt?

A tennis skirt is usually designed as a very plain or lightly patterned skirt with small vertical pleats throughout the garment. While the name does suggest the function, some women wear tennis skirts for other sports or purely for fashion reasons due to the comfort and visual appeal of the garment. Although these garments are not always a traditional part of women's tennis apparel, they are known as tennis skirts due to their prominence on the tennis court, and that is the origin of the name of tennis skirt.
Tennis skirts are often worn by young athletes and adults, and when women started playing tennis at high-profile events like Wimbledon, common tennis fashions included full dresses made of heavy materials, stockings, hats, and even furs.

To accommodate their need for comfort and ability to compete for extended periods of time, their clothing was whitened, as colored fabrics were more prone to perspiration than white clothing, the hem began to rise to reveal the athletes' ankles, and the fur and caps were removed. Throughout the 20th century, the variety of sportswear for men and women continued to change, and soon women replaced the heavy clothing for a separate tennis jacket and skirt or shorts

Many women wear tennis skirts when they play tennis. Many women's favorite tennis skirts are light and breathable, and these skirts are often pleated during the game to allow for more movement and create an appealing look during the game. While some stylish tennis skirts may have a vertical zipper on one side, these skirts are often pleated for a better and more comfortable fit, instead it is flat and smooth, and other styles even incorporate under the tennis skirt short pants to create a "skirt" or a combination of a skirt and shorts. While probably meant to be worn on the tennis court, these types of garments also became popular for fashionable uses.

Since tennis skirts are often tailored for comfortable sports while offering a flattering shape, many women prefer to wear this type of skirt for other sports, or just for everyday wear. Although this type of clothing is popular in the fashion world, accessories can fluctuate like other clothing, with many different designers using one or another tennis skirt in their collections as styles change. Some tennis skirts have the traditional white at Wimbledon and other events.

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What are the tips on tennis skirts in our daily life?

Here we have four ideas on the collection of tennis skirts in our daily life, whether you are going for work or just for parties:

1.Tennis skirts with a sweater

Sweater is the tool to make you full of energy and power. Combined with the solid color tennis skirt, it looks layered and three-dimensional. You can also tuck the hem into the skirt to create a slender and charming figure, which is super suitable for any occasion.
And shoes and socks can also be designed with contrasting colors to create a full visual layering, easy to wear a distinctive trendy style, long-sleeved sweaters are suitable for the upper body of the early autumn weather, and they are also super matched with the season. Follow the combination of solid colors and prints or embellished with fashion elements.

2.Tennis skirts with a T-shirt

A slim-fitting T-shirt can make your figure better when worn, showing a slender and charming figure. The solid color tennis skirt on the lower body is combined with it. The whole is fashionable and simple. Just step on a pair of comfortable white shoes and you can easily go out on the street.

3.Tennis skirts with a shirt

The solid color tennis skirt is matched with the printed shirt, which is fashionable and foreign, and it also has some dignified atmosphere in circulation. It can be casually matched with different shoes to show a unique fashion taste and your unique temperament.

4.Tennis skirts with vest

A sexy camisole, paired with a tennis skirt, can also be charming and enchanting, exuding a strong feminine charm.

If you have more collocation suggestions, you can also discuss and share with us at any time.

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