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Sports mood

Some people exercise because of work, some people exercise because of habits, some people exercise because of the mood.
Science proves that exercise can affect people's mood. It turns out that people's mood affects their decisions when they do sports.
In what circumstances will you go on to exercise? Happy, irritable, anxiety, or depressed?
Looking back on how you exercise, you tend to want to exercise more than ever when facing negative emotions. Why is this? Because exercise can be released and can be vent.
When you are in a bad mood, choosing the corresponding exercise correctly can make the mood better more effectively.

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In modern society, everyone experiences too much pressure and negative emotions every day. While people can self-regulate in some ways, there is more or less stress accumulated in the heart. Life still needs to rely on other ways to release pressure, adjust emotions, exercise is a good choice. For every patient with mental problems, especially depression, regular weekly aerobic exercise is very meaningful to them.

Neuroscientific research shows that exercise can stimulate the secretion of a endorphin which is a chemical in the brain, that puts the body and mind in a relaxed and pleasant state. Endororphin, also known as Andorphen, is a morphine secreted by the brain. The reason why it is called "endorphine" refers to the meaning of the morphine-like substance produced in the body. It can produce the same analgesic and refreshing effect as morphine and opiate, which is equivalent to natural analgesics. Functionally, endorphin in addition to relieve pain, but also can adjust bad emotions. It can not only make physical and mental pleasure, resist sadness, but also can improve insomnia. Also it can mobilize the neuroendocrine system, improve immunity, cheer up, stimulate creativity and improve work efficiency. Many people don not want to move when they are in a bad mood, but lying around will make your mood worse. It is suggested that when your mental state is bad, they should move more.

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In movies, we can see that the characters in movies are boxing like crazy and running hard in the rain when they in a bad mood. In the almost crazy sports, they gradually calmed down. But this is the movie. Many people like to adjust the mood through strenuous exercise when in a bad mood, thinking that strenuous exercise can relieve bad emotions. In fact, strenuous exercise does not work on regulating emotions. Because intense sports to strengthen blood circulation, promote the acceleration of brain nerve movement, not only can not relieve the mood, but will aggravate the emotional fluctuations. Inger not calm can not master the exercise and exercise time, the amount of exercise is too large, too fierce, prone to accidental injury, excessive exercise will also let the body hurt.

How much exercise is that appropriate? Can walking after dinner be effective? In fact, not all sports can produce this effect, the moderate intensity of exercise can stimulate the secretion of endorphins, such as climbing, basketball, badminton, running, etc., can persist for more than 30 minutes. From this point of view, after-meal walking may be more about promoting digestion, and if you want to improve your mood, you also need to arrange a stronger exercise. But the more exercise is not the better, and some studies have shown that too intensive and intense exercise can lead to more anxiety, higher nervous tension. It is recommended that the exercise frequency once every two days is appropriate, and each exercise should not exceed 90 minutes. In the past, people who lack exercise or should not perform high-intensity exercise can choose to walk quickly, from 15 minutes a day, after a week to 20 minutes, half an hour, gradually, let the body slowly adapt to, until the degree of sweat is appropriate.

In our daily work and life, we all have large and small pressures, and their impact on our mental state is potential and difficult to detect. Regular exercise can help us release the daily backlog of negative emotions, and timely guidance. Therefore, for the sake of physical and mental health, it is suggested that we develop the habit of exercise.

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