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Six Types of Massagers for Personal Care

What are massagers?

A massager is a household appliance that uses a mechanical vibration to stimulatingly massage different parts of the human body. It has the functions of dredging meridians, reconciling blood, relieving pain, promoting blood circulation, relieving fatigue, and adjusting body functions. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more electric massagers have entered the homes of ordinary people. However, because people lack the necessary common sense of purchase, use, and maintenance, it also brings inconvenience to consumers or even adverse consequences.

Precautions for use:

1. If there is any abnormal situation such as no vibration or smoke during use, you should immediately turn off the switch, unplug the power plug, and use it after troubleshooting.
2. Each massage time should not exceed half an hour. If you feel unwell during the massage, you should stop using it.
3. When using a 220V AC massager, pay attention to the safety of electricity usage during operation; the massager should not be bumped, or damp, and should not splash water on the massager.
4. Some patients, such as those with tumors, fractures, skin infections, etc., should not use the massager.

Six types of Massagers

1. Massage cushion

The massage cushion is a lightweight backrest massager with a simple structure, lightweight and convenient movement, which can be used on a chair or sofa. The massage range can be from the neck to the waist, for example, the neck, shoulders, back, and waist can be massaged. Massage the human body by beating, vibrating, kneading, etc. Some fully functional massage cushions also have heating and infrared functions, a high-quality massage cushion will make you fall in love with massage for sure.

2. Massage chair

A massage chair is a full-featured medium-to-large electrical appliance that can perform full body massage and can massage the human body from head to toe. The luxury massage chair is larger in size and has the best comfort among all massagers, which is comparable to manual massage. Although the price of massage chairs is relatively high, with the increase in people's income, many families have purchased a massage chairs for their homes to increase the health of their families.

3. Foot massager

Foot massager, as the name suggests, is a massager developed for foot massage. There are three main types of massage, vibrating massage, rolling massage, and air pressure massage. Because the feet have many important acupoints of the human body, through the massage of the feet, the acupoints of the feet can be stimulated to achieve the effect of conditioning the body, and at the same time dredging the meridians of the feet and conditioning the organs of the whole body. From the perspective of health preservation, multi-faceted conditioning enables the body to achieve a healthy balance.
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4. Shoulders and neck massager

The shoulders and neck massager is a massager like a shawl, which is draped on the shoulders, and the shoulders can be massaged by turning on the switch, which can relieve the soreness of the shoulders. Shoulders and neck massagers are suitable for white-collar workers or people who often sit for a long time. Through beating and vibration massage, it can improve the circulation of blood in the shoulders, relax tense muscles and relieve pain.

5. Massager stick

The massage stick can be used flexibly, in the form of a hand-held, to massage different parts of the body, where the massage stick is placed in this position. The Dolphin Massager is one of the best-selling massage stick styles on the market. Its shape is cleverly designed to resemble a dolphin, fully considering ergonomic features, and the streamlined handle can easily massage any part of the body. It is easy to use and easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy a massage anytime, or anywhere.

6. Neck massager

The neck massager is fashionable and compact, and its shape gives people a sense of science and technology. Neck massager works on the neck by low-frequency electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, such as infrared thermal moxibustion, and using the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, forming a highly efficient composite field, relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood circulation. Neck massages can improve the blood circulation in the neck, and effectively alleviate the neck muscle rigidity, and pain problems, to aid in the treatment of neck disease to some extent.

When using a massager, it is vital to pay attention to the functions of relative massagers. Remember to use it at the proper time so that it will not result in harm to the body. Besides, electrical safety is the first thing to take into account before turning on a massager.
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