Restoring Male Vitality, NIKSA Complete Guidelines for Post Exercise Rehabilitation and Nursing

Restoring Male Vitality, NIKSA Complete Guidelines for Post Exercise Rehabilitation and Nursing

Exercise is a way for men to showcase their strength, however, proper rehabilitation and care are equally essential. NIKSA presents you with a detailed post exercise rehabilitation and care guide for men, including stretching, massage, and body care methods, to help you recover vitality faster and more comprehensively.

1. Proper stretching:
Timing: Immediately after exercise

Overall body stretching: including full body stretching of the neck, shoulders, waist, and limbs, with each area maintained for 15-30 seconds.
Focusing on exercise areas: Targeted stretching is performed on newly exercised muscles to relieve muscle tension.
Breathing deeply and exhaling shallowly: When stretching each time, combining deep and shallow breathing can help improve muscle flexibility.
2. Effective massage:
Timing: Within a few hours after exercise

Self massage tools: Use massage rollers, massage sticks, and other self massage tools to roll and massage tired muscles.
Local deep massage: You can choose to seek professional masseurs for deep muscle massage to promote blood circulation.
Alternating hot and cold massage: Using a hot and cold towel or massager for alternating hot and cold massage can help alleviate muscle fatigue and swelling.
3. Body care and repair:
Timing: The day after exercise

Hot water soaking: Taking a hot bath can help relieve muscle tension, increase body temperature, and promote blood circulation.
Sleep quality: Maintain sufficient sleep time to promote the body's self repair and metabolism.
Supplementing nutrition: Increase protein intake, help muscle repair and growth, while maintaining sufficient water intake.
4. Moderate activity and rest:
Timing: Days after exercise

Low intensity activities: Engaging in light and relaxing activities such as walking or swimming can help promote recovery.
Regular rest: Avoid continuous vigorous exercise and give the body sufficient recovery time.
Progressive training: Gradually increase the intensity of exercise during the recovery period to avoid sudden intense exercise that can cause injury.
The NIKSA Complete Guidelines for Post Exercise Rehabilitation and Care aim to help men approach their physical needs more scientifically and comprehensively, improve recovery outcomes, and better prepare for the next round of challenges. During the rehabilitation process, NIKSA's intimate and comfortable sports equipment will be your most reliable partner, ensuring that your exercise journey is full of vitality.
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