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Nine Health Benefits of Movement

If you want to lose weight and keep fit, exercise is one of the important factors to reach the goal. But the benefits of movement are not just health. From more and more researches show that a regular movement will not only be beneficial to physical health, but also to cognitive function and mental health.

A regular movement has been proven to have positive effects against illness, for instance, cancer, stroke, better heart health, stronger muscle, and bone loss. Movement is well connected with brain development and mental health, even not for weight loss, a regular movement is for a longer lifetime.


Everything improves with Movement

Everyday with a few minutes of movement has been proved to be good for our health. We used to think that only a movement of 30-60 minutes per day is good for health. But from recent research found that only 15 minutes per day is enough to have benefits to your body.

Pacing around when you are talking on the phone, or doing some weight lifting when watching TV. All these fragmentary movements connected up have great benefits.

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So what are the health benefits of movement?

Memory Boost

With the passage of time, a regular movement will keep the brain active and healthy, preventing from Alzheimer and other brain-concerned disease. From researches of University of Chicago, aerobics boosts memory and keep the brain healthy. The research conducted on 737 persons among 26 to 76 years of age through brain scanning. The crew includes healthy adults, Alzheimer, and other people with cognitive disorder and mental problems. The research results show that some movements whether it is cycling, jogging or pacing relieve degeneration of brain and age-influence on brain health. A movement of short time all have great influence on your brain. And the research shows that the responding time when finishing cognitive tasks is faster after they doing sports, which means they have improvements in focus. Hence, if you are going to have a public speech or have a exam that needs intense focus, you could try some jump or movements first to wake up your brain.


Preventing from Bone loss

All types of movements are helpful to prevent osteoporosis, bone thinning, fracture risk, and falls associated with hip, spine, and wrist fractures. Aerobics and resistance training are useful to improve balance and agility. Especially Tai Ji, a preferred exercise to boost balance and muscle strength.

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For kids and teenagers, a regular movement will help the growth of bones. For adults, a regular movement will abate the chances of bone loss caused by aging, and enhancing balance and regulation to prevent from falling.


Prevent Muscle Aging

When people goes to 40 or 50, the muscle strength will descend and hence the activity level will drop down as well. Amyotrophy may happen due to health condition, e.g. joint painfulness. It is important to improve muscle strength through training, which not only burns calories but also beneficial to strength and balance.


Improving Sex

A regular movement improves sex experience. after a regular training, there will be more blood flowing into reproductive organs. With better blood circulation, sexual dysfunction will reduce as well. Besides, movement will improve mood and self-confidence, which finally boost sex experience with your partner.

Movement will stimulate hormonal system to improve reproductive function. Hormonal system features adjusting metabolism, mood, function of organization, and sex.


Boosting Sleep

Long-term movement is well connected with sleep. From other researches show that movement will improve sleep and mood. On the other hand, poor sleep usually comes with health condition, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression. Since enough sleep is vital to health and movement is easy to begin, hence get started as soon as possible to have a good sleep.

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Boosting Metabolism

A regular movement will improve metabolism so that the chances of getting conspitation will abate.


Relieving Stress, Depression and Anxiety

Movement brings a lot of emotional benefits. Stress might be caused by the increment of levels of the hormones cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine. Movement will reduce the level and increase serotonin level to lift stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition, when your body is in a good state, it is more easy to cope with emotions concerned with stress.

 From a research shows that one hour movement per week will prevent from depression. The research followed 33,908 adults for 11 years and found that even with small amount of movement can reduce the chances of getting depressed, whether it is young or old.


Reducing the Chance of Getting Cancer

Regular movement will control weight and decrease the chances of high blood pressure, and cholesterol, which affects heart health. Some researches show that movement will reduce the chances of getting stroke by 25%.

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Improving Skin Condition

Movement improves blood circulation so that improve skin condition, more oxygen and nourishment transferred to cells of whole body and discharged waste. 

Movement improves blood circulation and good for every system of body. No matter it is heart health, cognitive function or emotion, movement has many benefits to our health. Get started, your mind, body, and spirit will have benefit in no time. When I do sports, I will always put on workout clothes to protect my body as well.

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