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My Favourite Sexy Sports Bra

Why is sports so important to me?

The first time I came across sports was when I was in primary school. I took part in a summer camp. The first time I left home and shared a room with others.

It was a summer camp to end the primary school. One week after the final exam, all the students of my class went to the summer camp in group. It was already eight o’clock at night the first night when we arrived. I was so tired from the trip. When we were unloading the luggage, out of blue, a coach kicked the door of our dormitory open, I was completely shocked. Then it came the worse part, she commanded us to run downstairs to the playground, and did fifty frog jump. It was my first time to do fifty frog jump, the next morning I woke up with very painful legs, felt that I CANNOT move at all. The only thing I dreamed about was laying in bed, and did nothing. But the training went more serious afterwards, from early 7 am until 7 pm in the evening. I was perfectly exhausted and rang my dad complaining that I could not stand this and wanna go home. Father bursts into laugh, “you are as strong as a cow! How come you feel so tired? No way to come home. Stay until the last day” He laughs.

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Well, no way home! The answer only pushed me to stay on until it ends. So the following five days were like in the prison. Every night fell asleep with tiredness and painfulness, and homesick, since it was my first time to be away home for so long. When the last day dropped, I was so excited to go home. No interest in sports at all! I even forgot to bring something professional to arm myself.

The second time when I ran into sports again was more than ten years later when I entered university. Yes! For the past ten years I was a chubby girls and until college time I realized I need to keep shape. So I started joining various club to do sports. The first club I chose to join was a dance club, in which full off fun and excitement. We had training there, preparing for competition there, spent our free time there. It is where filled with good memories and made my years in college. And it was where I started know knowledge about fitness, and keep body in shape ever since.

Another club I went to was hiking club. Thanks to which I have been to a lot of lands of interest, had some special experience with my teammates, met people of different interest. That was one of the best experience I had. Dancing and hiking keeps me positive and active, make me a happy person. Every time when I joined the club, whether it was dance club or hiking club, I always put on Sexy Sports Bra.

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Why do I put on sports bra?

  1. It makes me look good when I do sports. Every time when I put on sports bra to do sports, I feel I look good on it, sex and fit.
  2. Sports bra protects my breasts. It well supports my breasts that my breasts will not sag or out of shape. I will be able to move freely and stretch freely when I put sports bra on.
  3. Sports bra well covers my breasts. When I am doing sports, the breasts is tend to move up and down. But with the help of sports bra, my breasts well stay in the same position and I feel comfortable on it.
  4. Sports bra features breathable materials that it is quick dry and friendly to the skin.  
  5. Sports bra comes with high-elasticity that it is very easy to stretch and move around.

 All in all, that is why I always like to put sex sports bra on when doing sports, having a good appearance and keeping me fit and in shape all the time.

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