how to spend summer holidays

How to Spend Summer Holidays

What to do on Summer Holidays?

In hot summer holidays, the top one to do definitely should be swimming. Swimming is my favourite to kill time on summer holidays. It relaxes both my body and mind perfectly, under water, swimming back and forth, feeling the chill water touching my skin, from head to toe. What a pleasure on summer holidays! Well, although it is great fun under water, but be careful to catch a cold, so the times should be keep between 3-5 times a week.

Dancing should be the second one on my list to do on summer holidays. I ran into dance five years ago, and it changes my life completely. I still remembered the first time when I danced, I was so shy to show anything at all, worried people might laugh at my movement. But after years of practicing and encouragements from my coach, I become open-minded and can always dance freely in front of people. Besides the courage, the most I valued on dance is that it changes my mind and body shape. Dancing makes me happy and is a way to outlet my emotions. And it well keeps me in shape.

Reading should not be missed out on summer holidays, since it is the time we have free time to mind our business. Reading is the best tool to arm your brain. It is never too late to learn. So reading something interesting or educational will make your summer holidays colorful and wonderful. On summer holidays, I always like to read novels or reference books, I usually spare some time every day to read, no matter what I am doing that day. For a two-month summer holiday, I could at least read 5 books.

Visiting friends and relatives

Visiting friends and relatives
There are two seasons proper to visit friends and relatives, summer holidays and winter holidays. But I prefer summer holidays to visit friends and relatives, it is no so cold to go out or need to put a heavy coat whenever you head out of a room. Besides, summer is good time to spend the night together, whether it is watching movies, or chilling at the yard.

Meditations have become my daily routine since two years ago. And doing meditation is an effective way to relieve stress and change your mindset. People are confused how to change the mindset. From my personal experience, doing meditations is one of my favourite way to listen to my inner world and find the path out of confusion. If you do not start meditations yet, in summer holidays there are a lot of time for you to spare some to do meditation and find inner peace. Make peace with yourself, make peace with people around you, make peace with living.

Watching numerous movies
When the summer holidays come, there comes movies as well. What are you waiting for? Do not miss any new movies on air and find the most interesting one to share with your friends, family, or the beloved. On the other hand, or you can catch up the time in summer to watch all the movies on you playlist, you will make them up on in summer. Movie Time.

Travelling is one of the most popular entertainment people would choose I guess. It is time to free your body and mind, whether it is exploring a nature resort, a famous spot of interest, an historical land, or just a beach to lay back, etc. Travelling on summer will make you happy and relaxed, spending the summer time with fun and joy.


Do forget shopping! It is also on the list to do on summer holidays. There are many brands have summer sales, and it is time to open your wallet to get something new home. Clothes especially! Usually in summer you will get some discount of winter outfit. And in winter, vice versa. Or anything on sale should be fine to pick up on holidays.

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