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How to Relieve Stress through NIKSA Foot Massager

When we were first born, we do not have too much worries and troubles. Always have parents to take care of our life, eating, using , playing, schools, travels, etc. Everything is prepared and decided well. But once we start going to school, we are starting our social life. There is more than just parents around us, but classmates and teachers and people we never know before to come up to our life. And we start meeting different problems, how to get along with classmates and teachers, how to study and get a good score in exams, how to chase the girl or boy you want, how to know yourself, etc. All of a sudden, we are not just living in the world of a family, but in a world expanded to a lot of questions and problems. In the process we might be happy, sad, depressed, disappointed, upset, angry, surprised, stressed, and so on. 

The first time when I entered nursery school, I was completely surprised by everything around me. So many kids from different families, with different looks and outfits, speak and act in different ways. I did not have too much worries to go to school, but completely enjoyed to meet different children every day. Mom only takes me to school the first day since she thinks I can remember the way once she comes with me. So the next day I started the journey alone. Walking alone to school was like an adventure, sometimes I stopped by someone’s house to see what they are doing; sometimes I stopped by a dog or cat and played with them; or sometimes I just selected another route to go to school which usually resulted in a late; sometimes I just stopped by a convenient store and ate some snacks there. These are the good memories I had when in nursery school. No to much worries and stress but full of fun and new discoveries everyday. That are the years of fun and happiness.

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After nursery school I have to enter primary school, which is another page. When in nursery school, every time when I run into seniors I was always admired and worried at the same time. Admired because I feel they are knowledgeable, while worried because I feel they are strong enough to beat me up. I start going to primary school, I know there are more than just playing and games at classes. I have to learn knowledge and take every lesson seriously, because I need to take exams. And if I want to have a good score, all I have to do is to work hard on it since, well I am not super smart but sometimes like a dumb. School time and after school time becomes different. I cannot get late anymore because I will get punished if I were late for classes. After school, I have to spend time on homework, which takes quite some time before bed. Life completely changed. Since when I started getting worried about schooling, I want to have a good score but not just pass the exam. And in primary school, I met my best friend of the life, Fanny, shy but pretty. Always have A+ score in every exam. I like her very much but also I sometimes envy how smart and beautiful she is. So since the start of primary school, I started going to know more emotions, worries, stresses, envies, and also sadness. I had a crush at a boy when I was in the third year of primary school. I wrote a love letter to express my love but he turns it down. I couldn’t stop crying, it is the first I had a crush on some but the result is I did not win his heart likewise.

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After primary school, the stress of study gets worse, high school. Have more lessons and disciplines to learn. The school time also extends to night. Early go to school in the morning and come home later at nine o’clock in the evening. It is when I started thinking what all the scores are for, university. Have to get good scores for higher education. All the six years in high school full of stress and upset. Have to be careful for each exam. One of the most stressful and difficult exam was senior high school entrance exam. I still remember that summer I burst into tears before the entrance exam because I was so stressed that I might fail the math exam and didn’t get the chance to go to the senior high school I was interested in. I never had a A score in math and all the stressed summed up one day before I took the exam. Luckily enough I finally got a A+ and entered the senior high school I wanted. High school seems like an end but was a disaster actually. The levels of disciplines are completely harder than previous ones. It is when I had another crush again and feels an intense love for him. I pay a lot attention to him while have to concentrate on my study at the same time. And every weekend it is the most exciting moment for me because we took the same taxi home every weekend. When I seat next to him, the heart beats so fast and I do not even dare to look straight into his eyes. Until one day I received a message from him which says, I love you. I was so happy and sad at the same time. Because I cannot be in a relationship at that moment, all I have to concentrate is on my study and I do not want to distract my attention. So I choose to turn it down. That are the years of stresses and sadness.

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After nursery school, things go in diverse direction. We have started facing different problems in life, and as a student the most we need to care was study. Study hard to get good score and enter a good school for further study. During which, we are happy, stressed, upset, sad, etc. Because we never know what exams are waiting for us and what results we will get. So the years of study are a process to feel our emotions. And the most felt one I should say is stress. The best way I have found to deal with stress is through foot massager. And the best foot massager I have tried as of today is NIKSA foot massager. With NIKSA foot massager, you can have a foot massage to relieve stress and body at the same time. Plus with bubbles and vibration, you have a great relief for your feet.

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