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How to choose a workout clothes?

  • For fitness people, a good workout clothes is really too important. Good workout clothes can not only psychologically enhance your passion for sports. But more importantly, it can better protect you and make you more comfortable during your movement. So how to choose a very cost-effective workout clothes? It is recommended to focus on the comfort and functionality of the fabric.

Let's talk about the materials of workout clothes first. With the development of science and technology, more and more new fabrics emerge in an endless stream, all kinds of advertising is dazzling. But all change from its family, no matter how deep the complex noun, the main position of the material is actually not changed.

There are only two kinds of fabric materials for workout clothes: natural materials & synthetic materials.

  • Natural Materials- - - -cotton,bamboo,wool(as the main fabric of the clothing)
  • Synthetic Materials-poly,nylon,rayon (as the main fabric for clothing)
  • Artificial elastic fiber- - -spandex (as a supporting role, make the sportswear elastic) 

These fabrics can be arranged individually or in various combinations to make different workout clothes.

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Sports material for gym and running

Generally we do aerobic exercise and running in the gym are made of "synthetic material" + "synthetic elastic fiber". Because the aerobic exercise and running exercise, such clothes are good elastic, wear on the body can feel the tightness and pressure of the clothes, it is helpful for our exercise. Natural materials are not regarded as preferred at this time because they cannot meet sports needs. For example, the whole cotton sweat absorption is too strong, but the sweat will not evaporate very quickly. Then the next exercise you will have a feeling of wet clothes stick to you. But the synthetic material air permeability and quick drying are very good. The higher the spandex, the more elasticity and pressure on his body, and the more the price.

NIKSA Men's Sport Performance Mesh Boxer Brief Underwear has 10% spandex content, tight workout clothes and proper elasticity, making it more fit and feel the muscle exercise more clearly.
There are several people in the gym: big gods of bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts who pursue good bodies, and beginners who have just started fitness. However, these end up as two categories: those who keep working hard and those who keep taking pictures with their phones and showing off on social media.

So the question comes. Is your sportswear professional enough, can it 100% meet your hard work needs? Have you choose the right workout clothes when you keep taking photos. Will it make you laughed at by professionals in your friends?
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How do you tell that your workout clothes has the right choice?

The simplest way to judge it is based on the intensity of the motion.

First, we can divide the movement into three intensities: low intensity, moderate intensity, and high intensity.

  • Lowintensity workout clothes such as yoga and Pilates

Low intensity workout clothes features that their fabric is the most thin, large elasticity while in the body of the oppressive & binding feeling is very small. And the material inside the cotton used more, the overall layout of the overall clothes can be relatively loose. Because yoga and Pilates and other exercises contain a lot of large stretching posture, so light and easy to stretch materials, soft fabric and loose version can make you 100 percent.

It is recommended to match:

Girls: legging + sports bodice / sports vest / T-shirt

Boy: legging + sports vest / T-shirt

  • Medium intensity & high intensity workout clothessuch as running, Hiit, strength workouts

Medium and high intensity workout clothes needs "quick drying", "cooling", "heat cooling" and other functions, because we will sweat a lot when doing large weight and fast exercise .So there is more content of poly content in this kind of workout clothes material. In addition, there are "support" workout clothes for large weight sports. The material of this workout clothes will be relatively high, giving the workout clothes a certain elasticity. Wearing this elastic workout clothes, it is more compressed than the average high-intensity workout clothes. Some also add to the compressed fabric and some rubber strips arranged with the muscle texture, and these workout clothes will give you a sense of tight muscle support.

For example, the NIKSA workout clothes has 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex. Good materials and design make the workout clothes have quick and dry cooling characteristics, and have good air permeability. These functions can cool our skin quickly and cool and feel cool during exercise.

Because the workout clothes has a certain sense of elasticity and pressure, so the relative design is also very important, such as men's sweatpants need special processing.

NIKSA men’s sport performance mesh boxer brief underwear with no fly 3D U pouch design provide more space for private, increase breathability and help reduce friction, give you extra comfort.

In addition, NIKSA baselayer leggings has large capacity zip pocket for protection against falling items during sports. 

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