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How to Choose a Proper Foot SPA Massager

When choosing electrical products, our first consideration is the safety of electricity use. If safety is not guaranteed, everything else is empty talk. This article introduces how to choose and buy a foot bath spa massager from many aspects.

1. The advantages and hidden dangers of foot SPA massager
2. People who are not suitable for foot bath massager
3. The purchase points of foot bath massager
4. Footbath recommended

1. The benefits and hidden dangers of foot bath massager.

The role of the foot bath massager can be described as wide and wide. First of all, the main function of the foot bath is to soak the feet, which promotes blood circulation by soaking the feet. Studies have shown that there is a certain relationship between temperature and blood circulation. The blood circulation is weak when the body temperature is low, and the blood circulation is strengthened when the body temperature is raised. Therefore, soaking your feet in hot water can speed up blood circulation, improve the efficiency of oxygen transfer throughout the body, speed up the work of various organs, and improve metabolism. This also reduces the burden on the heart to supply blood to the whole body.

In addition, the footbath promotes various functions of the feet and the whole body, and the body returns to normal work, which reduces the probability of disease occurrence and can effectively prevent the occurrence of some diseases or play a role in the improvement and auxiliary treatment. And, it can also eliminate fatigue. Our whole body has the most acupuncture points on the feet. The foot bath massager generally has a massage function, which can relax the feet and relieve the pressure of the day. This can also improve sleep, and relieve insomnia anxiety. At the same time, there are also some hidden dangers in the foot bath massager, the biggest of which is the safety hazard. Therefore, you should pay special attention when choosing a foot bath spa massager, and do not choose a directly heated footbath to avoid the risk of electric shock.

2. People who are not suitable for foot bath massager

People with other heart diseases are not suitable for foot bathing, diabetic patients are not suitable for foot bathing; people with foot diseases or wounds are not suitable for foot bathing; women are not suitable for foot bathing during the menstrual period; suffering from bleeding disorders is not suitable for the foot bath. In addition, pregnant women and the elderly should control the foot bath spa time, do not take it too long.

3. The purchase points of foot bath spa massager

1. Safety: The most important thing about the foot bath spa massager is safety because it is an electrical appliance that needs to be in direct contact with us, so preventing leakage is very important. The first is its heating method, which is divided into direct heating and indirect heating. There is no need to consider the directly heated foot bath massager, we choose indirect heating, steam, or rechargeable.
Secondly, choose a foot bath massager with a leakage protector or an anti-leakage patent, to avoid electric shock.
2. Convenience: Be sure to choose a foot bath massager with pulleys, a large basin of water is heavy. It is best to choose a split foot bath massager. When pouring water, you do not need to lift it together with the main unit. The upper basin can be taken out separately, which is more convenient for disinfection and cleaning, and it is also easy to replace.
3. Functionality: Generally speaking, the functions considered in the foot bath massager are massage, heating, and the height of the barrel is enough. The fully functional ones can be frequency-converted, temperature-locked, and temperature-reduced. All other functions are fake and empty, have no practical significance, and will be more expensive.

niksa foot spa massager

4. Brand: A good brand has a good effect and also has a better guarantee. Therefore, what kind of brand to choose is also something worth considering. NIKSA, with the purpose to bring care products to clients all over the world, has been dedicated to producing safe and comfortable foot massagers for clients. If you are interested in our foot bath massagers, do not hesitate to take one home and try it on! It will not let you down. 

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