How to Be Happy, 6 Tips to Keep Happy

How to Be Happy, 6 Tips to Keep Happy

When human being were born to earth, we do not know how to talk, how to behave, how to walk, and how to express. The only way we express our feelings is through crying, because we do not have other ways to do so. All the emotions, sad, angry, upset, frustration, and sometimes even happiness can be expressing by crying. But with the past of time, we grow up and we start learning language, we start getting access to things that more than our parents and our family. We know how to express ourselves, speaking to others to transfer our anger or complaints, crying to our family for all those heart-wrenching broke-up or relationships, laughing out for all the happy moments with our beloved or achievements in our life, upsetting because of troubles or setbacks in our work or life, angry at some bad situations we have met in our life. Many emotions to experience and overcome in our life. But one emotion is positive and we have been looking for and eager to grasp in our life, happiness.

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How to be happy and how to keep happy have been a huge lessons to learn through our life. It cannot be studied in a short time, Or just from some text books, Or through your parents preach, or friends advice. You can be happy through your life experience and through your own practice. Here are some tips to be happy and keep happy.

Keep a positive attitude toward life

When we were students, we might be upset just because of a bad score in our classes. And when we got rejected by our dream colleges, we might be down because of the disappointing outcome. And when we got some difficulties in our life, we might loose our hope... It is never been easy to grow up and to overcome all the challenges in our life. Although all the problems and troubles we face in our life, we can choose how to deal with them. Keeping a positive attitude when it comes to problems. Do not let your down emotion control your life. Trying to think all the problems in a positive way rather than a negative and depressing one. Preparing a note book. Every time when you have uncertainties, write down the positive possibles instead of negative ones. Keep doing it every time you faces problems you will find your attitude changes through the practices.

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 Write down your story

No matter you are a student or already get out of school and start making a living. You have tremendous stories to meet everyday, your relationship with friends, classmates, partners, parents, colleagues, etc. And what you do and how your respond to your problems in daily life. It will not be the same everyday but different. Writing down your stories everyday to keep a note of what happened in your life, through which you will gather your emotions and your actions in the whole process. And you will learn how to reflect on yourself, how to react and how to process life. It is not a tip for one day or two days practice, but one for a longtime continuing.

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Sleep well

You might get trapped by your life challenges, cannot figure out how to get through and keeping in an down state. But no matter what your problems are, you need to remember one thing, your health ranks on top. Try to sleep early every day and do not change y our routines because of emotion. Set a time per day to remind yourself to shut down all the connections with outside, phones, computers, or any other things distract you from sleeping. When it is time, go to bed and get a rest. It might be difficult at the beginning but with the development of time, your body will form the bio-clock to get sleep on time. In addition, enough and tight sleep is an important factor to get energy back, one important step after you have experienced all the negative part in daytime or past.  

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Eat well

After a tight sleeping, your body consumes your energies and need to intake more nutrition to keep health. Hence it is very important to eat well also. Sort out all the ingredients for your body, and spread to every day diet a week. While your body get energy and fit, your mood will develop in the same direction. It will get well after all the nutritive intakes. You are what you eat. Only when your body is built up, your mood will build up as well.

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Do sports

It is never a good idea to seat still and doing nothing after tiring or exhausting day. If you feel upset or sad towards some life experience, get move and do sports immediately. Find some suitable for you, it does not have to be something awesome like a sports star, it can be yoga, football, yoga, dance, running, swimming, or anything else that moves your body and mind, and get your out of all the negative toxins in your body. Through a research from University of Manchester, enough and constant exercise through the life will reduce the risk of getting depressing by 22%. So get ready to pick up something to get away the negative emotions.

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Do meditation

The meditation here is not that requesting you to find mysterious life but a way for your to have a self-discovery. Find some practical and acceptable meditation and keep doing everyday you will find the secretes of your body and mind. Constant meditation is a good method to find the inner power of yourself. But the key point is to keep doing and you will find something inside you one day.

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We all want to be happy. But it is a lesson of how to overcome the negative emotions rather than keep up every day, because it is never easy to keep excited every day. We have to come through numerous emotions every moment and every day, and once we know how to handle the negative emotions we know how to be positive and be happy. Keep in mind to do the practices mentioned above, keeping a positive attitude, keep a diary, eat and sleep well, do some sports and meditation along the way, you will find happiness, and be happy in your life.

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