How Habits Change Our Life

How Habits Change Our Life

Habits are part of our life that shape our life, it is not easy to form a good habit but a bad one, which might lead our life in a downstream way, whilst the good one will lead in a upstream way. Through our life, we have to experience different habits in different phase of our life, some might last for long time, some might just appear temporarily; some take into shape immediately, but some take long time and abundant energy and unrelenting will to inform; some is good for our life and health, while some are on the opposite.

Through my life, I have experienced all sorts of habits as of today. Some make me tired and depressed and negative, and some help me to be a better self.

What are the bad ones?

Bad habits are hard to get rid of
  • Overthinking in a negative way

Grew up in an abusive and negative background, I have been informed a very negative and overthinking habit that surrounded me for quite a long time, could not stop worrying about the future and anxious for getting hurt or losing something good. Every time when good or important things going to happen to me, which means vital for me, I always slip into the trap of worrying and anxiety, with the direct result on some stomach pain or respiratory problems. It was until I start seeing a shrink that I realized I have such a big problem, which is a habit to my mind also, already printed so hard on my mindset that I never realized for so long, twenty year for my life. Thanks to my doctor, currently I am working hard to change the negative mindset that has followed me for so long. It takes time and painful hard work to do practice to change the mindset, but I am sure I will change it in a good way with my unrelenting will.

  • Self-doubt

Self-doubt is a problem to a lot of people, so do I. Whenever there is good events to reveal, I doubt myself so much that I might fail or lose in the game. That self-doubt make me anxious and full of worries all the way that I cannot show the perfect me up. Self-doubt unconsciously bothered and disturbed me that I have mental problems. To some extent, I wanna give myself up, give up living. That is the bad mindset that embedded in my mind, and I need to overcome the negative me inside. I will constantly try to change it and make myself better.

What are the good ones?

Reading broadens my horizons
  • Keep doing meditation

Since I have been bother by some negative mindset, doing meditation has been the vent that I used to change my mindset and develop in a positive way. It takes time to inform the habit of doing meditation every day and it is a painful process at the beginning, since I might need to insist on doing something I am not into and feel bored. However, step by step I finally find the benefits of meditation, it makes me feel calm and relaxed, well adjusted my mindset and relieve me from stress. Nowadays, I am negative from time to time, but through meditation I am moving in a good way and I think I will completely go to where I want to be, positive and generous.

  • Keep reading

Reading is another good habit that I have insisted for years, after graduation. It is not easy to start and insist in the beginning, I stop to do something else sometimes, phone, TV series, computer, etc. I start from a little goal, just half an hour every day. And keep doing it for at least one month, no matter how difficult to start. And after three months doing so, I extended to one hour per day. And now it has become a part of me also, I feel tickle if I do not read every day. It is a good habit to read, books teach something else we do not learn in life or in classes, broaden my horizon.

  • Keep doing exercise

Last but no least, doing exercise is another good habit that I like doing since seven years ago, when I started dancing and it helps me to shape my body and beneficial to emotional adjustment. Of course it begins with pain, every muscle pained. But once I continued doing it, I gradually feel relaxed and stretched whole body. It is not only good for my physical health but also mental health. For the sports outfit, I like putting on yoga pants for women to have a better sports experience and protection.

That are the bad and good habits that I have had for last few years, and through which have changed my life and my state. I am still on the way to discover myself, and find the meaning of life. And the habits are assisting me along the way, to get rid of bad ones, and keep doing good ones.

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