How can I be consistent in physical exercise and fitness?

How can I be consistent in physical exercise and fitness?

This is an AWESOME question, and the answer might surprise you.

You need to learn how to leverage your dopaminergic system.

Everything you do, every action, every thought, how you feel, how you perceive yourself and the world around you are directly correlated to your levels of Dopamine.

Dopamine is the Neurotransmitter responsible for communication between your cells, an easy way to visualize it is by imagining that dopamine, is the brain's currency.

In life, everything requires either time or money, there is always a currency, for the brain, everything requires dopamine.

Dopamine is what controls everything, thoughts, feelings even movement, for instance, people with depression suffer from low levels of dopamine, people with Alzheimer's suffer from dysregulation of how their bodies process dopamine, that's why they lose memory and control of their movement. If you didn't have any dopamine circulating, you'll be 100% paralyzed, with no movement, no thoughts, nothing.

So to get up in the morning, requires dopamine, to go workout requires dopamine, watching movies requires dopamine and the trick is, dopamine release is subjective. It's correlated to narrative and past experiences.

So if you literally TELL YOURSELF, if I get up in the morning I'm a fucking savage, when you get up your body rewards you with more dopamine to do more stuff, if you tell yourself "I WILL WORKOUT AND GET JACKED TO GET CONFIDENT", when you work out, you'll release dopamine, the same for anything.

You probably heard people say, "IT'S A MINDSET", it is, indeed my friend.

In theory, it takes 21 days to build a habit, so work HARD on your inner narrative, tell yourself you're doing the best for you, and your neurochemistry will take care of the rest.

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