ten new year resolutions for kids

Ten New Year Resolutions for Kids

As an aunt of two kids, it is never easy to have a quiet surroundings at home when I am back for the new year. For the sake of a more quite room, I have come up with some new year resolutions for my naughty nephews.

Resolution Number One

No more play time after 9 p.m. The first night when I arrived home, I was surrounded by my nephews to playing with them until 10 p.m. It was such an exhausting night with playing around with my nephews that I have to list the number one resolution as no more play time by 9 p.m. and bed time by 10 p.m.

Resolution Number Two

As the kids of contemporary, the toys they have feature high-tech, Ipad and Iphone has become their daily equipment for fun that they have spent at least two hours on electronic equipment, which not only is bad for their eyes but also but for the development of their brain and cognitive. Hence, the resolution number two is to limit the time spending on phones or any other electronic equipment, say, to less than two hours every day.

close to nature to learn new worlds

Resolution Number Three

Having more time into the nature surroundings. Since the kids of modern times have spent more time on virtual world, and it is better if they can spend more time into the nature instead. Hence, the new year resolution number three is to close to nature every weekend, to feel the beauty and charm of nature, whether it is zoo, park, hiking, etc.

Resolution Number Four

Less Junk food to only twice a month. Kids are much more into the junk food than regular meals, same as my nephews. I have witnessed them eating junk food every week. And instead of eating regular meals, they are full of junk food that do not like eating regular meals. Hence, the new year resolution number four should be eating less junk food, only twice a month is allowed.

Resolution Number Five

More green food. One of the food that kids hate is vegetables. But only enough intake of vegetables that they can have enough nutrition and grow up healthily. The new year solution will not force them to eat vegetables every day but only every other day to keep the nutrition in a reasonable level.

Resolution Number Six

Do not watch phones or TVs when having meals. It is a bad habit to persuade kids to eat food by luring them with phones or TVs. Gradually, they will be relying on phones and TVs to have meals. The resolution number six is to help kids form a good habit when having meals. Having meals more self-consciously rather than by temptation.

Resolution Number Seven

Be polite to grandparents. Some kids are not being polite to the grandparents just because they are spoiled by the senior. It is very important to teach the kids to be polite to the elderly, whether it is grandparents or others. The resolution number seven for kids is to be polite to the seniors.

Resolution Number Eight

Do not waste food. Whether it is snacks or meals, it is not a good habit to waste food, especially for kids. Once they are taking wasting food for granted they will keep doing it. It is vital to develop a proper habit not wasting food when they are still little.

Resolution Number Nine

Do not lie. It is never a good idea to lie, especially since little. Teaching kids to be honest and do not lie is a good start to cultivating decent habits. Hence the number nine resolution is to be away from lying and being a truthful child.

go to bed early is good for kids

Resolution Number Ten

Try to do some sports, at least try one. It is a cliche that doing sports is good for health. But for kids, doing sports is the way to find something that they might be interested in. Hence, try to pick up something that is suitable for kids and see how it goes.

Speaking of which, I enjoy yoga since two years ago. It is not found since I was a little girl. I wish I could have found yoga in my life earlier. But it is never too later to learn and try. Yoga has become a part of me currently. It refreshes my body and mind, make me relaxed and relived. I like to put on yoga pants with pockets whenever I practice yoga, it is functional to stretch my body and store little things onto my pocket.

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