Four Tips to Relax after Work


As a copywriter it is timeless to keep up with updates and studying. Ever since I choose to become a copywriter, I have been spent most of my free time after work learning new things so that I will have inspirations whenever I have tasks to accomplish. Usually I will spare at least one hour after work to reading, anything interesting and relaxing. The reading list usually depends on the mood I have, for example, if I have some problems with psycho at the moment, I will pick up the books on my list that concerned with psychology.

The recent book I am reading is Andy Warhol’s The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, which reveals his remarks on love, sex, food, beauty, fame, work, money, success and New York. Except New York, the rest are the questions I have been through in my life and do not figure how to do it properly or handle it properly. What impressed me most is how it treat love. Fantasy love is much better than reality love. Never doing it is very exciting. The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet. Chapter 3 Love, Andy Warhol. I feel the same recently because I just broke up with the most lovely person I have met in my life as of today. It was always great time with him. However, because of work, we have to separate from each other, none of us accept to relocate to the other city of the partner. Of course it is heart-wrenching to leave him, but the love to him deep down in my heart never disappear. I am happy as long as he is good and have a wonderful life, with or without me.

Reading greatly broadens my horizon

Watching a Movie

Besides reading, another matter that enriches my mind is watching a movie. But usually during the week, I do not have enough time to finish a movie, so the movie time usually happens on weekends. The most impressed one I have watched recently is the American movie Green Book, which looks like a story simply about racism in America, but more than just that. It is more about humanity beyond racism. Whether we are white or black, we are all the same creature that we should have social equality and sexual equality. Don Shirley and “Tony Lip" Vallelonga are from different society and of different colors, not matching each other at the beginning. But from around two months on the road for the tour of Deep South, they become good friends more than just business partners. No matter what color we are, the feelings, the behavior, the way we sense the world will not change with the color.

Watching a movie is a visual feast

Doing Sports

Other than for my spirit part, I also value very much on sports since I have to spent most of my time sitting in front of my desk to write. For at least eight hours sitting a day, I usually have shoulder pain and back pain after work. The thing I can do to relieve my painfulness after work is doing sports, but not so intense sports. The common one I usually do is yoga and stretch, that not only relaxes my body but also my mind. Yoga and stretch is a great way to shape the body and lift pain. Home is the place I usually practice yoga and stretch, through some videos on YouTube and  do not need to go to the gym, saving lots of time on the way.


Hot Foot Bath

Last but not least is having a hot foot bath. There are many benefits of hot foot bath, boosting sleep, boosting metabolism, improving blood circulation, relaxing body and mind, etc. I do not have cold feet and hands for a long time since two years ago when I started having hot foot bath every other day, which greatly improves my blood circulation and brings warmth and hot to my feet especially. Gradually my feet becomes warm and cosy again. Hot foot bath is good for health, but also there are some attentions need to pay to when doing hot foot bath. People with heart problems should consult a doctor before doing hot foot bath. Kids and pregnant women should consult a doctor before doing so as well.

Having hot foot bath always brings me warmth and energy

There are tremendous pressure from working, but we need work to make a living. However, reading, watching movies, doing sports, or having a hot foot bath are helpful to relieve stress and get ourselves together to have a nice day next morning. Work hard, play hard!

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