Exercise during 2020

Exercise during 2020

In late 2019, Coronavirus disease 2019 which abbreviated as COVID-19 has spread worldwide, leading to an ongoing epidemic that became one of the most deadly epidemics in human history. And it is still spreading out continuously.

An epidemic COVID-19 has changed people's living habits, including exercise habits. In the normal stage of epidemic COVID-19 prevention and control, people's lives are restarted. It is obvious that outdoor and fitness venues are gradually lively. Running by the river, cycling in the forest or exercising in the park, exercising in fresh outdoor air benefits health. More and more people are no longer afraid of the epidemic, they go out of the home, enjoy nature and enjoy fitness.

However, affected by the inability to conduct outdoor sports and increased home time during the epidemic. Now, collective movements are banned in many countries. Gym, team training at the athletic music department, and weekend group run, all considered risky and banned by the authorities. This is a measure taken by the country to avoid the health of its residents. This is necessary. However, people with exercise habits can not imagine the day without doing exercise all the time. So outdoor sports were slowly moved to the home.

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Medical experts believe that people with strong immunity are less likely to be infected with novel coronavirus and have more chances of recovering after infection. Almost all viroologists believe that the key to defending against novel coronavirus is to avoid direct contact rather than avoid activity. Therefore, people's daily outdoor fitness demand is partially turned to indoor fitness. In the post-epidemic era, the consumption demand of home fitness and online fitness is stimulated.

How did an epidemic change people's exercise habits?

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1.Outdoor sports enthusiasts

In the absence of the epidemic, the early visit to the park, often can see many people do outdoor sports. Some people run, and others ride. Some elderly people can also be seen playing Tai Chi or practicing aerobics in China. Fresh air outdoors is good for physical health. Early outdoor exercise can make people breathe fresh air while staying comfortable.

Affected by the epidemic, many people with running habits can not go out running. Some marathon enthusiasts also have no daily training outdoors. Slowly, many people start running at home. In China, in the first quarter of the epidemic, indoor runners increased by 18.5% from the year last year, and more marathon enthusiasts began running online. During the epidemic, a movement called "Living Room Marathon" emerged quietly and became popular in the running circle through the form of live broadcast. Living room running around the circle, balcony running in place, bedroom running around the bed add up to less than three or five kilometers, more than 10 kilometers, and even reach the distance of half or the whole marathon.
Outdoor sports enthusiasts with enthusiasm and persistence to let the home have the feeling of outdoor!

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2.Gym enthusiasts

Some people like to exercise outdoors again, such as running, cycling, etc. There are also many people who like to go to the gym, such as swimming, yoga, exercise equipment and so on.

Affected by the epidemic, many gym enthusiasts have hardly been in and out of the gym for nearly two years. In order to minimize the contact with strangers, many fitness experts began to exercise at home.

According to incomplete statistics, sales of online fitness equipment increased by 43.8% in 2020 compared to the 2019 data. For example, home treadmill, yoga pads, dumbbells, pull ators and other common fitness equipment have entered the homes of the public. They feel more privacy at home, and better space environment and air!

Many yoga lovers do yoga at home through online videos or online courses. Not only exercise, but also reduce the time wasted to the yoga gym. Many yoga lovers say they are now more inclined to practice yoga at home.

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In addition to sports equipment, sales of sportswear have also increased. If you often go to the gym, you can find that fitness professionals will wear professional fitness suits or workout clothes for exercise. Because professional fitness clothes have a very good body shape and toughness is more suitable for exercise.

The material of workout clothes is very important! Niksa focus on perfect daily workout!
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Niksa's workout clothes has many benefits:
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