Do you like massage?

Do you like massage?

Are you tired of a day's work?
Are you curious, when passing by the massage shop, why the guests who also tired of a day’s work out of the shop are refreshed?
The answer is a massage. Have you ever heard of massage or feel the magic of massage?

Let's know what a massage is together!
Massage is divided into Thai massage, Indian massage, and Chinese massage.
Among them, Chinese massage is based on the principle of traditional Chinese medicine, through the massage of acupoints and channels to relieve nerves, relieve fatigue, and relieve physical discomfort.

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So, what is the traditional Chinese medicine?
Traditional Chinese medicine is a traditional medicine that originated in the Han nationality and has a history of thousands and thousand years. When compared with modern western medicine, it is often placed under the category of traditional medicine. Therefore, the development goal of traditional Chinese medicine in the world today is mostly to pursue their own science and modernization.
Traditional Chinese medicine likes to use traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, falling and beating, massage, massage, cupping, Qigong, food therapy and other treatment means, so that the human body reaches the harmony of Yin and Yang and recover. The positive side of TCM treatment is in the hope to help restore the balance of Yin and Yang in the human body, while the negative side is the hope that when the use of drugs to slow the deterioration of the disease, the quality of life.

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What affects you to enjoy the fun of massage?
You will say that although the massage can let you relax, but the cost of a massage is very high, the time is not short, and the massage hall may be far away from where you live. There are many factors that prevent you to enjoy the pleasure of massage even if you really want to go.
In the United States, a Thai massage takes about an hour, costs about $30 knives, and adds tips to the masseur. And the massage hall is mostly open in city or shopping Building, there will be a certain distance from the residential area, it will take half an hour to an hour to drive.
These factors consider, combined with the exhaustion of a working day, you may just want to get home with your lover and enjoy a rare leisure time with your child.
The mind is relieved, how about your body?

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Have you ever heard of a foot Spa bath massager?
Massage is divided into many kinds according to the massage parts, such as foot Spa massage, body massage, head massage, shoulder and neck massage and so on.
The foot Spa bath massager is an machine that can experience the pleasure of foot Spa massage at home. Put the warm water in your foot Spa bath massager, choose the massage strength you can afford, and the massage mode you like. It's important that you don't have to drive another hour to a massage parlor. And you can enjoy the foot Spa massage at home.
You can try adding different suitable items you like in your foot Spa bath massager.
1.Milk: It makes your skin smooth and is perfect for women and children.
2.Rose: This will certainly become a favorite choice of many women. No woman can refuse the charm of roses.
3.Essential oil: It can relieve the body and mind, suitable for your tired working day.
4.Chinese herbal medicine: If you know something about traditional Chinese medicine, some simple Chinese herbal medicine in soaking foot water can help you prevent or even treat the disease
5.Small bath ball: all kinds of modeling bath ball is of course the first choice of children. Combining life and interest, lovely bath balls can make young children happy.

Niksa foot spa bath massager heating up and keep warm

You must really want to feel the charm of the foot Spa bath massager right now!
You will find foot spa massage is actually right around you!
Niksa foot Spa bath massager will bring pedicure massage into your daily life. It is a Professional foot spa machine which combine heating, massage, oxygen bubbles, vibration, and red light functions to relax your feet by gently massaging and soothing your tired, overworked feet. It is 15.7 inches in diameter and even 12 feet which is big enough for family use.
It can intelligent temperature control, you can enjoy a luxury foot bath at home without adding extra hot water.
Niksa foot Spa bath massager also has a variety of special functions like bubbles, heating, rollers, red light, vibration, etc., which brings the massage experience to a next level.
Niksa foot spa bath massager always puts professional equipment, relaxation enjoyment and people's health first!
Don't let the fatigue occupy your life, healthy, easy to enjoy life with your family!


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