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Classifications of Foot Bath Massagers

Nowadays, many children don’t know what to buy when they honor their parents. In fact, buying a foot bath massager is quite good. It can help the body of the elderly. After the elderly have a good body, it is also a blessing for children. Does it work? This is still a question that people want to know before making a purchase, as well as the classifications of foot bath massagers.

Does foot bath massager work?

1. Many people don't say that it is not enough to use an ordinary foot massager. Why do you need a foot bath massager? In fact, the function of the foot bath massager is to heat the constant temperature, which saves the trouble of heating the water continuously when washing feet.

2. The products of major manufacturers basically use high-quality PTC heating devices, and the circuit design also considers leakage prevention, which can ensure safety. However, it should be noted that the foot bath massager is by no means a long-life electrical appliance. The high-temperature working environment may easily lead to the aging of temperature measurement, waterproofing, and other components. After more than 2 years, it should be repaired once to ensure safety. Once you find any abnormal function during use, stop using it and send it to warranty.

3. Heating temperature control is the basic function of the foot bath massagers. Safety, heating capability, temperature detection, and control capability are important to the core functions of the foot bath massager.

What are the classifications of foot bath massager?

1. Solid wood foot bath massager

The material for making the foot bath massager is wood, but the wood is very different from others: the material for making the foot bath barrel is a kind of fragrance that has undergone high temperature, degreasing, and drying treatment, and the moisture content of the wood is controlled at about 12%. Cypress wood, this wood is hardwood, high density, bright and beautiful color, and then through a special process treatment, so the tub produced is smooth in appearance, delicate in hand, anti-corrosion, anti-ant, anti-mildew, anti-static, anti-bacterial, heat preservation, Not easy to deform, wear-resistant and other characteristics, and easy to clean and maintain.

2. Footbath bucket

Footbath, this increasingly hot term has been out of people's field of vision, whether in cities or towns, the word has penetrated into thousands of households. Standing on the streets and alleys, you can always see all kinds of foot bath shops. The concept of foot bath health and wellness has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In order to make it more convenient for the general public, foot bath buckets have gradually entered each family. Friends who like to do pedicures can relax their feet without leaving home.

3. Split basin

A split design is more convenient. The split foot bath is a foot bath in which the basin and the seat can be freely separated. It is inconvenient to use the traditional single foot bath. If the basin is dirty, it is difficult to clean, and it is troublesome to pour and collect water. The innovative split design makes foot bathing more convenient and easier.

4. Foot bath massager

Footbath massager is the modern foot bath choice for many families. It is very convenient to place one at home. It is automatic and comes with many functions to meet your foot bath need. For example, many foot bath massagers in the market feature bubbles, vibration, rollers, heating, radiating, etc. to relax your feet and mind. At the same time, play a good role in massaging your feet. What a good invention!

After reading the above-mentioned foot bathtub for you, is it effective? People should already have a correct understanding of this issue. They always think that when purchasing, they should choose a good brand, so that the quality and price can be better. To reassure people, at the same time, there are many classifications of foot bathtubs, and there are still more flying, different classifications have different functions, which just happens to be able to meet people's different needs.
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