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Can I Use Foot Bath Massager Everyday

What is an afoot bath massager?

Footbath massager has been proved good for health. Why? There are many functions of a foot bath massager that brings tremendous benefits.

Firstly, the vibration function. The vibration is a good point to massage your feet points comprehensively. When it is vibrating, the foot bath massager stimulates your feet acupoints. Through the feet acupoints, your feet relax, and at the same time, your mind and body relax. Constant studies have shown that acupoints on your feet are connected with organs in the body. Hence, when doing a vibrating foot bath massage, it is also a channel to massage your organs.

Secondly, the bubble function. The bubble is a good way to touch your skin softly and gently. When doing a foot bath massager, the bubble function is a plus to make the water comfortable and soothing. You feel like your feet are completely soaking in the bubbling water surrounding you, and your feel enjoys the bubbles. Meanwhile, the bubbles help to keep the water at the same temperature.

Thirdly, the rollers. Rollers are another one to play a role in foot bath massaging. When you doing a foot bath massager, place your feet on the rollers. Rolling back and forth to feel the massage on your feet. Through which, the feet will relax. In addition, rollers will stimulate the acupoints on your feet as well. Massaging acupoints to massage your organs.

Why should you do a foot bath massager?

Through the above-mentioned functions, the foot bath massager massages your feet and organs. Through the constant massage, the whole body will change as well.

A better circulation. The massage on acupoints will improve the whole circulation. When the circulation is improved, the whole body will feel refreshed and relaxed.
A better sleep. When the circulation is improved, you will have a night of better sleep as well. The good circulation of the whole body will boost sleep. Besides, when your body and mind are relaxed, it is easier to fall asleep at night.
A better relaxation. After a tedious and hard-working day, it is time to have a good relaxation at home. A Footbath massager will relax your mind and body at the same time.

Can I use a foot bath massager every day?

It is advisable to use a foot bath massager every day. But there are some tips need to know before you start doing a foot bath massage every day.
1. Keep the temperature in a proper range. When doing a foot bath massage, remember to have a suitable temperature. Do not do it at a too high temperature or a too low temperature. Too cold or too hot are both bad for health.
2. Do a foot bath massager at a proper time. Do not soak your feet too long, which will have a bad influence on your health in the long term. At the same time, do not soak your feet too short, which will not work for your feet. The proper time is between 15-30 minutes.
3. Do not have a foot bath massager when bleeding. No matter whether it is internal or external bleeding. If you soak your feet when bleeding, the foot bath massaging will boost the bleeding. Hence, this results in a worse condition.
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