Activewear, a Sign of Fashion 01

Activewear, a Sign of Fashion

When people are talking about fashion? What are the hashtags come first into our mind? Good design? Good materials? Famous fashion brands leading the industry? Dior? Celine? Chanel? Louis Vuitton? Burberry? While the well-know brands are grasping people’s eye and money, we still have a lot of new starter to pay attention to and have more fashion discussion besides that. Do you know what kind of dress women were wear in the old times? And what kind of dressing code they have?

Development of fashion

In 1837-1901 Victorian age

In Victorian age, the outfit of English loyalty has always been people’s topic. Tunic skirt becomes the standard for women in this time. It is a sign of fashion but also a sign of restraint to women. Women in this era have to be keep straight and elegant all the time to show their self-respect.

In the early twentieth century

With the development of industrial revolution, more and more women start get out of family and work for a living. During work, women have to stop wearing things like lace or silk ribbon, and change to humble linen clothing. And this is one of the most important revolution of women’s wear, free from wearing corsetry. Speaking of which, we have to mention the French designer Paul Poiret who designed Hobble Skirt to free women’s body and mind. Influenced by eastern culture, Paul likes to use bright color for dress design, red, green, or orange are all the choice for his designs. And for the fabric, he also likes to use soft materials like silk or chiffon, which can be seen in the British series Downtown Abbey.

1920s Jazz Age Flapper Dress

After first world war, many things waiting to be done. Economic, beautiful, and practical have become the design code for western industrial design. Feminist movement has reached the peak and at the moment the skirts are short enough to show the knees. And here have to thanks to the starter of Chanel, Coco Chanel who produced the classic black dress features simple and straight line. Jazz Age also refers to Golden Age and in the movie Midnight in Paris, the girls dressed in Flapper Dress, smoking, drinking and partying all the time, always in a blue and sad vibe.

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New Look after second world war

After second world war, the clothing industry hits bad times. Many countries in Europe start limit the use of fabric that people pay less attention to dressing. Hence, young generations have to dress in neutral, economic clothes which is overskirt above the knees. However, t he depression brought by war didn’t break down fashion industry but result in more inspirations. The shoulder pad appeared this time is to show that women are strong enough like men. And the dress has more slim waist to reduce the depressive image brought by war.

Mini Skirt in the 1960s

The cruelty of war, ignorance of traditional morality, chasing for money, global urbanization, and industrial revolution, etc make young people hate the government and start the Hippie Movement. The young generation dresses casually but not regard the loyalty as the standard. Young people start leading the fashion. The London designer Mary Quant designed mini skirt that become popular world wide, showing the legs and butts.

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Jeans in the 1970s

In the 1970s, the world develops fast and everywhere around the world goes to strike, especially in universities. Women are more focus on work and the environment problem has drawn more attentions. Love and peace have become the main topic people care about.

Modern fashion

In modern times, people are free to wear whatever they want and fashion looks like no limits to any gender. While we are focus on the fashion trend and all the colorful and diversified designs of clothes, there is a new fashion trend becomes popular among people, which is activewear. 

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Activewear has appeared in every corner around the world, for both men and women. It is not just because more and more people are going to gym, but also the comfort of sportswear bring about. You can freely put on activewear to work, to gym, to outdoor activities, to casual parities. And it didn’t cost too much money but also look great.


From the Victorian age to contemporary era, the clothes develops so fast and so many style in the process, but we have learned that the theory of simple and comfort have never been out of time. At the beginning the clothes are not comfort enough to wear but gradually all the changes lead to a more cosy clothing. We should not just look at the appearance when we are looking for a new clothes but also what we will feel like when we are going to put on the clothes. You are what you wear!

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