a diary when working from home

A Diary when Working from Home

When we heard the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, every one in the company is so panic and anxious, worried that one day self will get infected. Temperature test, disinfectant, mask are the three essentials to pass through the door to work. After going to office in this way for more than three months, the leadership finally decided to free every one from the worries and stress and risks of getting contaminated, setting out working from home mode, which is when we started a different phase as an employee.

I was so excited to be able to working from home, no more worries in commuting and in the office. The working from home schedule was separate into three parts, working time, causal time, and workout time.

Working time

The working time usually lasts for around five hours a day, starts from the morning at 9 a.m. Since it is working from home mode, I do not need to dress up or do some makeup or suncream. I just wake up right five minutes before 9 a.m., and waiting for the call from my team, while having the meeting the breakfast is prepared at the same time, efficient working mode. Usually the meeting lasts for around one hour, after the meeting I begin to process the tasks assigned in the meeting. When I almost done the tasks, it is around 12 p.m.-12:30 p.m. already. I cook lunch and having lunch, after which taking a nap for one hour. In the afternoon, it is usually more free to continue the task, have another round of meeting to discuss the tasks I have done, and update as per required in the second meeting. Usually the update of assignments does not take too much time, one hour or two is enough to finish. Afterwards it is free time to do my own business.

working from home is efficient

Casual time

In the casual time, I usually do some online classes, learning how to edit videos. Making video and short film is my part time killer that I like to learn more to pass the rest of the day. Usually I need to watch video classes and practice at the same time. So it takes around one and a half hour to finish a course, learning and practicing at the same time. Besides editing classes, I also spend some time learning second foreign language, French. Since I am also interested in foreign languages, and the pronunciation of French sounds sex and interesting, so I started learning French around five years ago, but it was stop in the middle. And since the outbreak of COVID-19, I decided to pick it up again.

Workout time

Usually when I finish the online classes, it is around 5 p.m., which turns on the next page, workout. During the workout time, I turn on YouTube videos to find some suitable workout videos to follow, for some anaerobic exercise and yoga practice to stretch the body, combined taking around one hour to be done. And when I doing so, I always put on yoga pants for women. Because working from home does not take time out to commuting that doing sports at home is a necessity to build up the body.

I enjoy the time when working from home

In the end, when every thing is done, work, learning, workout. It is time to have dinner, and I usually prepare dinner on my own rather than eating outside. I enjoy cooking a lot, it is a process to put all the ingredients together and come out as a delicious meal. That is the all routine of working from home. I prefer to be working from home since after the work is done I have got free time to run my own business. It is a lifestyle of working and life together. Enjoyable and efficient.

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