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Who Needs Foot Bath Massager

Why do you need a foot bath massager?

1. The theory of blood circulation. The feet are at the bottom of the human body, and harmful substances such as uric acid crystals in the blood are deposited on the soles of the feet, which is not good for health.

Through massage, the harmful substances deposited on the soles of the feet can be decomposed and excreted through sweat and urine.

2. The principle of reflection. "Foot is the second heart of man". There is a one-to-one correspondence between human organs and acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. Foot massage promotes the brain to transmit signals through the reflex area, improves the human body's endocrine and blood circulation, and regulates the physiological environment.

3. The principle of whole-body circulation. Traditional Chinese medicine views the whole from a partial perspective and regards the feet as the holographic embryo of the human body, which is full of information about the internal organs. The massage of the feet is the massage of the whole body.

4. The principle of meridian theory. From the perspective of Chinese traditional medicine, there are six meridians on the feet to connect with our organs. So it is beneficial to do a foot bath massager, through which it will do massage to the organs.

Who needs a foot bath massager?

Footbath massager is suitable for almost everyone, it is good for health. From the kids to the aged, a foot bath massager always is good for wellness. Today we are going to introduce some people, especially in need of a foot bath massager.


People with edema have poor blood circulation and the feet or legs are swollen usually. If you have edema, it is better to do some foot bath massage on your feet, hence the blood circulation will be improved. On that note, the condition of the feet and legs will get better.

Cold feet and hands

Likewise, people with cold feet and hands also feature bad blood circulation that the blood does not circulate well to the feet. Without enough circulation, the feet will get cold. Through a foot bath massager, the circulation on the feet will change. Therefore, more and more energy flows to the feet and it will not get cold in winter.

People who want to lose weight

The reflecting region of the digestive system is spread in the feet. Through foot bath massage, it will greatly improve digestive function. Hence, boost digestion and loss of weight.
niksa foot bath massager
Besides the above-mentioned people, those with symptoms as follow should try some foot bath massage as well.
Constipation: Experiments have shown that massage for 15 minutes not only relaxes the whole body but also promotes intestinal peristalsis.
Chronic Pain: When the body relaxes enough, chronic pain also decreases
Menopausal women: Menopausal women are more likely to have yin deficiency, anxiety, fever, etc. Through foot massage, it can nourish the kidney essence and make the body less dry.
Poor sleep: Many times, if you press your feet, you will fall asleep. It would be better if combined with a foot bath massager. If insomnia is particularly serious, you can focus on pressing the "insomnia point". Point selection: The insomnia point is at the intersection of the heel, the midline of the sole, and the line connecting the inner and outer ankles. Method: During the massage, you can use your fist to hammer, about 100 times, to help you fall asleep. Since the skin is very thick on the heels, be sure to massage hard.
Weak constitution on weekdays: people grow old before their feet grow old, and people grow up by their feet. Massage the soles of the feet, balance the internal organs, and gradually adjust the weak Qi and blood.
Upper heat and lower cold: Whether it is a foot bath, a foot massage, or a golden rooster, acting on the feet and thoughts on the feet can lead to the upper fire and improve the upper heat and lower cold.
Poor spleen and stomach: Many people with bad spleen and stomachs do not dare to touch the soles of their feet because they feel sore. After insisting on massage, some people responded: "As soon as I gritted my teeth and pressed hard for a while, my stomach felt and I felt a lot better. After that, my stomach felt better. When I feel uncomfortable, I press the sole of my foot again, and I always feel pain, no exception.”
Easy to get angry, bad mood: bad mood, mostly because the meridians are blocked, so many small things become big things, which are accumulated in the body. People with good meridians have a hard time getting angry.
Heel pain: rub the soles of the feet, it can be well relieved.
People with low back pain after sitting for a long time: The cervical and lumbar reflex areas of the feet are stimulated and improved.

Are you on the list? Or do you have a good body? No matter what condition you are in, a foot bath massager is always good for your health as long as it is processed in proper time.
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