three stories of sports lovers

Three Stories of Sports Lovers

First Story

This is a story about a pretty girl I have known for more than five years since college. The first time I met her was in the second year of college. I went to dance class as planed. When I arrived I found a girl bright and tall standing next to the door, waiting for our coach to come. I was surprised that I did not see her before and she looks easy-going, with a light smile on face when I looked at her. I was a bit shy but in the end I got up my courage and said hi to her. Out of my surprise, she responded passionately and left the contact to me.

After the dance class, we started hanging out from time to time, going to dance classes together, having dinner together, practicing together. It is at the moment that I realized she is so fond of dance and very good at dance. When we were preparing the dance competition she was picked up as the lead dancer since she has a good body shape, tall and slim, standard movement, and working hard on the dance. Every time when we were in the dance classes together, she has always been the most assiduous one keeping practicing until she thinks it is perfect enough. Especially, when we were preparing the dance competition, she has been practicing all night that she just slept in the dancing room. In the end, it paid off. She leaded the team to win the competition. Thanks to passion and hard working, she is able to lead the team and won the game. Even after the competition, she still works hard on dancing and keeps in shape as usual. From time to time, we talk to each other, and she says dance is her lifetime passion and she appreciates what dance has brought to her and makes her happy.

dance has shaped her body and mind

Second Story

The second story was a girl that I met when I was travelling in Southeast Asia. I came across with her in a party, which was a farewell party to a friend that working there. I randomly sat next to her and we started talking to each other. From her relating, I found that she was a yoga teacher for over four years already. The first time when she knew yoga was when she broke up with her ex. She was so heart-breaking with her broke-up that she needed to find a way to let the sadness and upset off. She went to yoga and found peace there, peace for body and mind.

Since then, she keeps practicing every week, at least three times a week, no matter how busy she is. And in the third year, she makes her mind to change her career direction to a yoga teacher. And she becomes more happy than before. For her life, she has been trying to chasing her goal in life, and yoga has become the goal of her life, because it brings peace, calm, and mental health to her. After she quit her previous job and becomes a yoga teacher, she has been travelled around to live in different cities and counties for different experiences. She is grateful for what yoga brings to her, and she keeps going for further spreading, trying to help people with mental or physical problems. For her, yoga is her dream, is what brings beauty to her life.

yoga keeps her calm and relaxed

Third story

The third story is specially about a gay I met in Edinburgh, we rented an apartment together. It is still vivid in my mind of his first look. Not so tall, a bit shy, so slim that I worried he might be blown away by wind. When I talked to him, he always answered blushed. For the sake of making him feel home, I always try to invite him to join me on any events that I am going to. And the one he keeps going with me is the gym. I have no idea what makes him decide to go to gym with me every other day, but he keeps practicing and becomes strong and muscular since we joined gym together. It is the fourth year we know each other, now we are living in different cities, and every time when we meet, he always looks strong and shining. I am not sure what has changed him, but to some extent, sports has brought energy and power to his body that he always look strong and energetic ever since.

These are the three stories of sports lovers impressed me for a while. I am amazed by how sports has changed their life. And personal speaking, I have benefits from sports as well. I love dancing and yoga as well, and my body shape has changed since I practicing yoga and dance. And I feel relaxed and calm ever time after the practicing of sports. It is movement that brings happiness to our brain and body. I always put on workout leggings for women for a good effect and body protection. I will keep doing sports for an energetic and powerful life.