review of 2021 fashion and sportswear events

Review of 2021 Fashion and Sportswear Events

How time flies. 2021 is in the past, and we are in the new year of 2022. Although we are still covered by COVID-19, step by step life starts going to become regular and normal, so as many industries. A lot of industries have to change the direction, say, fashion, sportswear, and catering, etc.

Today we are going to review 20 events concerned with fashion and sportswear.

  • Virgil Abloh, is dead at 41

VIRGIL WAS HERE. No one has ever expected that the saying becomes true on the tribute of LOUIS VUITTON 2022 to Virgil Abloh. On 28th November, Virgil Abloh passed away because of Primary cardiovascular sarcoma, aged 41 years old. He has been working so hard that even when he was diagnosed with the disease, he still flied around the world for around 300 days a year. In the 2022 summer show of LOUIS VUITTON, the giant sculpture of Virgil and VIRGIL WAS HEERE makes a lot of eyes wet. It it not only a regret that he leaves forever, but also an alarm for health. No matter it is fashion industry or any other industry, the step of change will only get faster. Hopefully we will value the life without the loss of someone’s life.

  •  Most Fashion Weeks Back to Stage

After two year pause from the COVID-19, GUCCI has announced that it is back to Milan Fashion Week. Since the spreading of COVID-19, the fashion industry has canceled the fashion week in stages but swift to online fashion show. However, the expression and show and releasing of fashion brands are mainly trough stages. This year, London, New York, Milan, Paris, and Shanghai all have the Fashion Week back to stages. The meaning of fashion week not only is to show the new release of updated series, but also a platform for fashionistas to communicate and cooperate. The pandemic has give a chance for many brands to find new ideas and new games online though. In the future, various fashion week will combine the advantages of online and offline for a better show and expression.

  •  Fashion Designer Alber Elbaz Passed Away

Besides the loss of Virgil Abloh, the Israel designer Alber Elbaz passed away. Alber Elbaz is one of the most greatest designer of the time. He has been working as the Creative Director of Yves Saint Laurent and Lanvin. Since joined Lanvin in 2001, Alber Elbaz has endowed it a brand new path, starting the path of renewal. In last November, Lanvin has announced it is new brand under the corporation with Richmond Group to start a new brand AZ Factory. And the fashion show was accomplished this year, in January. After the loss of two excellent designer, it definitely has made people working in fashion industry realize the importance of health. Fashion is a fast developing industry, but the respect to life is vital to everyone working in the industry.

  •  100thAnniversary Celebration of GUCCI

GUCCI has announced its 100th anniversary this year. It cooperated with various brands to forge its 100th anniversary celebration. The HACKER PROJECT cooperated with BALENCIAGA has raised a furor. The classic elements of both BALENCIAGA and GUCCI has been represented in the new combination. The slogan THIS IS NOT A GUCCI BAG only makes the union full of fun and interest. There are more and more fashion brands cooperate to make surprise to the world, like Supreme and LOUIS VUITTON. Although the style of Alessandro Michele and Demna Gvasalia is completely different, designer of GUCCI and BALENCIAGA. The cooperation is one of the most discussed of the year.

  •  NIGO has become the New Creative Director of KENZO

In September, Sidney Toledano, CEO of LVMH has released claims that NIGO will be the new CD of KENZO, previously sat by Felipe Oliveira Baptista. With rich experience working in fashion industry, NIGO is expected to bring new energy to KENZO.