how to spend winter holiday

How to Spend Winter Holiday

In winter, it is good time to just lay back and be in a daze to get through the cold days and survive. In retrospect, I have celebrated winter holidays in different ways, with my family or with my friends.

Before I went to high school, the winter holiday has always been a reunion with my grandparents. When the winter holiday dropped on time, dad and mom get us together and drive up to grandparent’s to spend the winter holiday there. Since the weather is so cold that we do not have too much events outside. We do not go to the farm lands or riverside, but just stay home together. However, there are still so much fun with grandparents at home. Early in the morning, after the breakfast, we will feed the poultry in the yard together with grandfather. After lunch, it is always a daily routine to take an afternoon nap. And in the evening, we will feed the poultry again. So twice a day to feed the poultry. After dinner, grandfather will turn on the TV to watch movies with me. Every night when I sit next to grandfather I feel warm and cosy. The winter holiday goes like in this way, every repeated in the same way, but always make me happy and enjoyed. 

That was before I enter high school. When I enter high school, both the winter and summer holidays are cut half than before, so the winter holiday becomes short and rush to spend at grandparent’s. Some times I travel with parents, but mostly I spend the time at home, reading or doing yoga. Since it is so cold outside, I am not interested in going to catch a cold. So I just stay home. Reading is my favourite to spending the winter through, because it recharges me. And yoga is another thing that makes me energetic, doing yoga makes me relaxed and soothed. That is the winter though high school time.


After high school, finally get the long winter holiday back. And what impresses is the winter holiday I spend in an island. I go to island in Cambodia with a friend. we firstly take a plane to another city in the south and then take a ferry the island, where we stay in a beach, named coconut beach. The scene when we arrive in the island is still vivid in my head. We both take one luggage respectively, riding two bikes to the hotel. The road is circuitous that we bump up and down along the way. And the wind is so strong that my hair and my dress is blown up all the way. When we reach our hotel we are completely messy. The next day we go hiking but left the sun scream home. After five hours exposure to the sun, we get burned completely. The sun in the South East Asia is so crazy. My partner cried up for the burning on the back. What is more stunning is that we almost miss our plane the last day when we are going back to work. We book the plane at 2 pm. Early in the morning I remind my partner to take a early ferry so that we will have enough time to catch the plane. However, he insists that we will have enough time to get on the wharf with 2 hours left to go to the airport. Hence, we finally decide to take the ferry at 10 am. But what is unexpected is that the ferry delayed that we do not arrive at the wharf on time.

always remember time on coconut beach

We arrive at the wharf at 13 o’clock, which means we only have one hour to go to the airport. And what is more surprising is my luggage is buried on the bottom. It must take some time to take it out. We have to separate to save time as much as possible. So he stays on the ferry to get my luggage out while I run to the station to find a taxi to get us to the airport. Thanks goodness. I get a taxi and he takes out the luggage timely that we finally get on the taxi to the airport. When we arrived, it is 1:30 already and since the airport is so small that we finally get boarding and get back to our work. It is such an exciting and unforgettable trip that I still laugh at what I have experienced there. And I also miss all the good times with my ex partner there. If I got the change again, I would like to travel with him again. It will be fun to hangout with him again.

That is the most impressive winter holiday I have gone through. When the travel ban is lifted later, hopefully I can have such wonderful trip in winter again. Another activity I like to do along travelling is doing yoga, which helps relax my body and mind. The yoga partner I like is women’s workout clothes.