How to Control Emotions through Foot Massager

How to Control Emotions through Foot Massager

For the sake of a better control of emotions, in the first place you need to understand what emotions are, and how it works.

In contemporary psychology, emotion is defined as a complicated physical and mental changing mode, it includes physiological activation, sense, cognitive process, explicit expression (gesture and expression) and some other special behavior reaction. All these reactions are for some context that judged as meaningful personally.

When you walking on the street, someone shows up and punches on your face, and your heart rate, emotions, muscles, secretion of saliva will change, even shaking. Besides, other than these visible reactions, there are some other invisible reactions.

At the moment you might have anger or anxiety, your emotional reactions will activate emergency response system so that the body responds fast and efficiently to potential danger and get ready. The sympathetic nervous system will promote adrenal gland releases hormone (Epinephrine and noradrenaline). Hence, entrails release blood sugar that elevates blood pressure, increasing the secretion of perspiration and saliva. When the person hitting you apologized continuously and regret for what he or she has done, your parasympathetic nervous system will restrain the release of these active hormone. However, at the moment your heart might still beast very fast and out of breath, because there are still some hormone left on your blood.

learning how to control emotions is a lifetime lesson

Your emotions have huge implication for your behavior in society. From some research shows that both positive and negative emotions will affect the way people process information. To be more specific, people who are in a negative mood will work harder on information process comparing to people in a positive mood.

The research points out that people have negative emotions are tend to not trust people. Just imagine this, when you are happy, are you sense risks in social? When you are sad, are you more tend to be suspicious of others around you?

The answer is yes. From the psychological research, the result shows that people in positive mood are more easy to work efficiently and be more creative to solve problems.

Now, let us be back to the question, how to control emotions through foot massager without changing brainpower?

Just imagine this, if I ask you how are you today? You might say in a period you feel sad, while in others you feel happy, angry, bored, or other emotions. All these emotions are called stress reaction. In our daily life, it is common that we might have some stress and producing negative emotions. It is vital to learn how to respond to these emotions.

1.Assess pressure
When you facing some pressure, like unemployed, the first thing you need to do is rating how unemployed have presses on you. Pressure assessment is a process to evaluate your stress. Why unemployed? What is the threat? And what resources do you have? Some stressors, like hurting or fire, are mostly defined by people as threat. There are other affairs in our life might cause stress to you. Try to assess the stress you are facing every time and write it down on note book or on your computer to specifically understand what you are having at the moment and solve the stresses correspondingly one by one.

2.Change of Mindset
Some people did not have positive reactions to problems and stress in their life for a long time, and doing in this way continuously. However, once you realize you can respond to your emotions in a positive way or in any other ways helpful to solve or lift your stress, your life will change as well. Try to train your brain in a positive way to respond to stress and practice on this constantly, your mindset will change as well and your problems-solving skills will be promoted as well.

Support from society will help lift stress
3.Support from Society

Whether it is support from family, friends, colleagues, strangers, the supports are always effective to help you lift stress and control your emotions develop in a negative way. Through the support, you feel warmth and love from the society and your emotions will respond in a positive way as well. The social psychology shows that the help from others when you having stress in life will increase the trust among people. Hence, the society will develop in a more positive way in the long run.

Emotions control is a timeless lesson and only when you failed and learned you will find a better way to control your emotions. There are some tools be useful when it comes emotions control, that is the foot massager. Working on your feet, foot massager works well to relieve stress and calm your nerve, hence your emotions will be well controlled. It is advisable to use foot massager at night before go to bed so that you will be in a calm and peaceful state to fall asleep well.