Exercise in different population groups

Exercise in different population groups

Physical conditions in different groups, leading to different motor needs.

Fitness must be done according to their own ability to bear. Exercise crowds can be seen in the morning park, the evening stadium, and the weekend gym. Many people think that as long as exercise, the body will be better. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of fitness. Different ages, gender, physical fitness, physical condition and even personality are different, suitable sports items and precautions are different.

How do different groups exercise and exercise more effective?

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1.Infant exercise
The movement of infants and young children is mainly based on their nature. Such as simple crawling, jumping, walking alone, etc. These simple exercises are good for the balance and fitness of babies. It is conducive to the growth and development of the baby.
For example, stair climbing training can exercise the coordination of children's hands, feet and whole body movements.

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2.Children's movement
Children are full of curiosity and a desire to explore the world. Proper exercise helps in their physical development, but excessive exercise is extremely harmful to their body.
Swimming can promote the development of children's brain, enhance cardiopulmonary function, and help to grow taller. But be careful to be accompanied by adults to ensure the safety of children.
Running can improve the speed of children to exercise and enhance the comprehensive ability of the limbs. But overloaded running can lead to children to collapse and cause hypoglycemia.

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3.Teen sports
Now, the learning pressure of teenagers is getting heavier and heavier. Many teenagers sacrifice their sports time to have good grades. In fact, appropriate exercise can help teenagers to learn.
For example, running can not only stimulate human body growth, but also relieve learning pressure and release energy. Insist to running can enhance physical fitness and promote sleep
All kinds of ball sports can exercise the coordination and flexibility of hands and feet, so that the whole person's body function is fully mobilized, more energetic.

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4.Men's sports
Men have higher muscle strength and general tablets than women. Men's metabolism will also be relatively high. Therefore, men's explosive sex and speed will be relatively strong.
Jogging is the most popular aerobic metabolic exercise method in the world today. It can maintain good heart function and prevent heart function. It is also good to prevent decline, prevent muscle atrophy, prevent coronary heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and obesity, etc.
If men can swim for 30 minutes a day, they are much less likely to have a prostate. Because swimming not only improves disease resistance, but also promotes local blood and lymph circulation in the prostate.
Playing basketball trains the brain's thinking and judgment, namely the reflex speed of the body. It can train the eye vision and ear hearing sensitivity, the body muscle activity and muscle strength. Also it can train endurance, improve shape and train joint coordination and agility.

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5.Ladies movement
Although girls are generally low in strength, their flexibility and coordination are relatively good.
Yoga accelerates metabolism and removes body waste. Ladies contact yoga can achieve the effect of body repair and conditioning and beauty care. Meanwhile, yoga can bring you elegance and light posture. It is a good way to improve the external temperament.
Weight-bearing squat can effectively enhance the strength of muscles and bones throughout the body. Women who practice squats can make the back curve more obvious.

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6.Pregnant women exercise
Early pregnancy, the appropriate exercise to strengthen the protection of pregnant women machine turn, and then protect the fetus.
Medium pregnancy, exercise can help pregnant women to promote blood circulation, improve the blood oxygen content, and eliminate body fatigue and discomfort.
In the third trimester, exercise helps to promote the fetus into the basin, and can help pregnant women to enhance their endurance and exercise their muscles.

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7.Middle-aged and elderly sports
From about 30, you start to decrease, and if you do not move regularly, up to 3% to 5% every decade. The medical term is senescent sarcopenia. Even if you stay active, your muscles continue to decrease, but it will be much slower. Reactivity and coordination may also be reduced due to physiological changes associated with aging.
You may notice that your body is not as responsive as it was.
It can get harder to get up from the couch, climb stairs with something, or ride a bike. As you age, your body may become stiff and your muscles are more relaxed.
Muscle loss can also change the way your body looks and responds. The redistribution of body components where muscles are replaced by fat may affect your balance. Lower leg muscles and joint stiffness make it harder to move around.
Changes in body weight and bone loss may also affect your height. After age 40, height is usually reduced in inches every 10 years.
Fortunately, it is never too late to start exercising and protecting your muscles.
To jogging, according to the ability, can take the way of walking, running alternately, speed to their own comfort.

It's not too late to put on your sportswear and exercise.

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