evolution of tennis skirts

Evolution of Tennis Skirts


The development of tennis skirts has gone through three different development processes: the traditional period, the professional period, and the commercialization period. Each stage shows unique characteristics of the times and conveys different characteristics of the times, cultural connotations, and public aesthetics. In a sense, the development history of a tennis skirt is also a history of women's liberation and an evolutionary history of social aesthetics and values.

Traditional period

In the early days of its birth, tennis was a sport of the aristocracy and was very popular on the court. Tennis clothing in this period was influenced by tennis class and entertainment. Women's tennis costumes consisted of long sleeves and long skirts over the ankle, with top hats or headscarves, wrapping tightly. It is the necessary outfit for the nobility and a symbol of position.

In the early twentieth century, the collection of tennis outfits becomes short-sleeved with a long dress. The changes not only bring comfort and free movement to the athlete but also make the dress look fashionable.

Professional period

With the development of society, more and more people are access to tennis that it does not just limit to the nobility. Because of different statuses, the purpose of playing tennis varies from one to another. Hence, the requirements for tennis skirts are different. More and more non-nobles start a creative revolution for tennis skirts for the sake of better running and playing. Among them, Susan Lengran's "short-sleeved + pleated skirt" and Helen Jacobs' innovative "shorts" aroused certain repercussions in tennis at that time. Short-sleeved, skirts, short become the standard dress for tennis games. The revolution of tennis skirts directly lowers the threshold for tennis skirts that more people join tennis.

In 1936, an American athlete played tennis for the first time and won the game, after which she said my victory gave the credit to the shorts I wore during the game. Back then, people think shorts are destructive to morals.

In 1950, short skirts with panties lead to the new trend in tennis. Females do not need to worry about seeing through.

Commercialization period

Since the 1990s, tennis skirts of various colors and styles have appeared in large numbers, technology and fashion have been applied to tennis skirts, and the commercialization of tennis is more obvious. Before the grand slam tournament, sponsors such as Nike, Adidas, etc. began to compete, and designers designed a variety of highly personalized tennis skirts for players. Compared with the slightly monotonous combination of men's shorts and T-shirts, women's tennis skirts are more eye-catching. Hollow, lace, chiffon, and other elements that reflect femininity have been used in tennis skirts.

Over three periods of development, tennis skirts finally become what it looks like today. Short and fashion. Elastic and suitable for movement. NIKSA tennis skirt is the newly promoted product for sports lovers all over the world.

tennis skirts

Made of 83% nylon and 17% spandex, NIKSA tennis skirts feature a three-layered ruffle design, high-quality materials, two pockets, skirts outer, and shorts inner. When you put on the tennis skirt, you are free to move your body and play games. With professional design, both pockets will free your mind that one is for tennis and the other is for phones. If you are worried about privacy? There is no problem with the NIKSA tennis skirt since the inner shorts well cover your private parts when you are doing sports.

In addition, the ruffle design is a good fashion trend for skirts. When it is united with tennis skirts, it makes you look both cute and sporty. As a sign of girlish, ruffle design has been used in many cases, whether it is for a long dress or a short dress. NIKSA's three-layered ruffle design is the only style that appears in the market, to combine girlish and sporty elements, showing the beauty of girls and sports.

As time goes on, the dresses for females develop in a way that frees the body of women. Women gradually get the chance to play a role in all sorts of industries, from business to sports industry. NIKSA has the confidence to bring more stylish and elastic activewear for girls to enjoy both sports and beauty at the same time.

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