Brand Marketing-How to Tell a Good Brand Story

1 What is Brand Story

The first thing comes into our mind when we hear brand story is brand introduction? What brand does not have a brand story? But does everyone can remember a brand story? Which is the dilemma of brand story, no one remembers.

For brand story, story is the media to trigger empathy and the key is to have acknowledgement. Brand story is not just about some short introduction lying on your web, but something that can be popular among people, with brand ambition, spirit, future and concerned interesting stories included, unique, labelled, eulogized.

Brand story is not just about the start-up of brand, the founder, the management, research and development, craftsmanship, achievements, butt also connections with clients and society, which means brand story is colorful. There is a rumor of NIO(green-energy car) that a lot of car owners have voluntarily run errands for for the CEO Li Bin or others stories between the company and the clients, which are all the stories between brand and clients.

No matter what forms the stories take, a good story has to be in good sense and persuasive so that it can attract target clients fast and stimulate their perception to change their attitude and decision, making them trust your brand will improve their life or bring unforgettable experience.

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2 Usage of Brand Story

If brings out facts and reasons are to persuade people, then tell a story is to touch people. Story are more persuasive than reasons since it comes with plots, scenes, emotions. Telling a brand story is like dressing up for a party, to make it shinning and recognized by people.

There are three reasons why brand stories improve acknowledgement:

  • Cognitive Framework

      Bringing up reasons is not easy to persuade people because it is homiletic.  

      But stories are different, through which you can quickly build up the context and logic, bring people to a set framework to consider problems and messages, which means making people more subjective and emotional.

  • Optimized Facts

Stories are based on true facts, which means stories are not just made up but processed. A good story is enhanced and processed to improve its readability. Through a good expression to make the information more storytelling and shinning.

  • Passing Empathy

Stories do not persuade people by logic and ration but by empathy. Through stories and touching experience to make people recognize. If advertisements are bringing facts and reasons, stories are talking about life and experience. In the narrating of a story, expressing sophisticatedly to make audience acknowledge and have the strength f cognition.

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3 How to Tell a Good Story

A good story will make people touched, same as brand story. A good brand story always are full of infection and direction, to change your behavior and attitude so that boost your shopping desire.

Brand stories as media have two forms to tell, from up down, from down up.

  • Top-down

This type of story is to tell the audience that what the story is like, brand set-up, stories of founders, research and development, craftsmanship, etc. The stories usually comes with the ambition and spirit of founders to touch people and have them acknowledge the brand.

  • Down-top  

This type of story interacts with audience that they involved in the story. The stories happened between brand and clients, between brand and society. The story is more directly to get time, energy, and emotion involved and usually passing around people because of society and the hero.

Telling a good story must include plots, conflicts, and framework. So creating a good story can start from these. 

Connecting with Plots
Complex is the synthesis of idea, emotion and image, which is an important unconscious combination. Complex deeply hidden in a person's heart, but also widely exist in a certain group of people, strong and unconscious, impulse and can not resist. Story complex can simply understand the greatest common divisor of some deep psychological and emotional level. Story to move people, you need to have some sort of complex as inner traction, such as Oedipus complex. Brand story needs a complex kernel, so as to widely involves certain people inner emotion or they can't resist some kind of mental state. Only in this way can the brand story be passed on and influence consumers to the greatest extent. Just as the story of Bill Gates dropping out of school and become the richest man in the world is widely told, the rags-to-riches story of Steve Jobs and his friends founding Apple in their garage is celebrated for overcoming prejudice and impossibility.

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Making Conflicts

Conflict is contradiction, collision and psychological imbalance. If complex is the core of the story, conflict is the fuse to release the effect of story complex.

The attraction of the story of the hero fighting the dragon lies not in how omnipotent the hero is, but in the irresistible confrontation between the dragon and the hero. The more powerful the dragon is, the more thrilling and attractive the confrontation process is, which is the catalytic effect of conflict on the story complex.

Conflicts in brand stories are generally reflected in the life choices faced by the founder, the industry problems faced by the product, and the understanding of the brand in the face of public opinion, etc. When there is conflict, there will be spiritual manifestation and emotional expression, and there will be space for brand expression, so as to fully mobilize emotions and achieve brand demands.

Conflict is the motive of plot. To create conflict is to set the plot, which makes a story more dramatic and bland. No matter how good the complex core is, it cannot play its role and makes the plot more arresting, which not only makes people follow the plot involuntarily, but also makes the story more spreading

Setting up Frame
The story frame is the core of the story, the skeleton of a story that has been reduced to the point of no further simplification. A good story has a frame that can be summed up in one sentence, which strips out a lot of the content of the story. A single sentence is very popular, very simple, but it still makes people think and feel the core of the story.

A good frame should be set for the brand story, because the story is mainly word-of-mouth, which arouses the word-of-mouth effect. In this process, information is easy to be lost. A good frame of the story can be extended and compressed to ensure that the core appeal of the brand can be reached and infected.

In fact, brand story is to convey brand information through story-based communication, which is a very important means of brand communication. It is better to tell a story than to tell a reason, and maybe the story is the best way to express your brand!
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 While we are telling NIKSA story, we have follow the same rules to make our brand recognized by our clients. And as our brand are mainly focus on the producing of activewear sets, we connect our brand ambition and R&D together to make a good brand and good products.