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Benefits of Water Foot Massager

When it comes to modern lifestyle? What comes first into your mind? Stress? Fast pace? Skyscrapers? Digitization? AI? Or more? With all the high-tech development, we are been pushed to live in a stressful and competitive society. On this circumstance, how to relive from pressure and work has been the goal we are looking for to have a more relaxing life.

Other than sports or outdoor activities, we have found an indoor, stationery, and cost-effective way to relax your nerve and mind, that is water foot massager. Speaking of which, water foot massager has many functions for therapy with just some easy operation and hot water. And for further deep therapy, adding some herbal medicine will enhance the effect.

Brightening Your Skin

 Water Foot Massager, for a Bright and Healthy Skin and Life 02

From some investigations and experiences, hot water foot spa enhances skin condition through discharging toxin out of your body to the greatest extent. The theory is via hot water to improve blood circulation that the toxin inside the body can be expelled as mush as possible in an effective way. What is more, through continuous foot spa or foot massager with hot water not only is good for the skin but also beneficial to whole body metabolism.

Improving Sleeping Quality

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With many peripheral nerves and capillaries on your feet, hot water foot massage every night is a proper way to warm and activate nerve and capillaries. The warming activation will transfer to cerebral cortex to restrain and keep it calm so that the nerve will be peaceful at the same time. Hence, the sleeping quality will be improved and sleeping time will be prolonged.

Preventing Cervical Spondylosis

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What is cervical spondylosis? It is a degenerative disease of bones. From the research of medical experts, hot water massage on the feet will effectively reflect to cervical area so that it will release stress and pain on the area. It is recommended to do massages on feet twice a day, in the morning and evening respectively, each time lasts less than 30 minutes. After 2 weeks work, you will find an unexpected result.

Enhancing Blood Circulation

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What are symptoms of poor blood circulation? Headaches, dizziness, numbness, or some painfulness stand a good chance of poor blood circulation. But above-mentioned symptoms are usually ignored by people that no one really pays attention to them, which will result in further serious disease in a long-term way, e.g. cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.. Other than taking pills to improve blood circulation, we have found an effective and healthy method to enhance blood circulation, hot water foot spa or hot water foot massage. Through hot water foot massager, the blood circulation will be improved greatly since the hot water can expand blood vessel on your feet to rise skin temperature that feet and whole body blood have better blood circulation. From the test of professor Mr. Zhang, who is specialized at Traditional Chinese Medicine, with warm water of 40℃-45℃ to have 30-40 minutes foot spa can raise blood circulation for both men and women, 10-13 times for women, whilst 13-18 times for men. What is more, with the improvement of blood circulation, the secretion of whole body will be changed in a good way as well. What are you waiting for? Get some warm water tonight and get started for a healthy life.

What is the best equipment for foot spa or foot massage? Definitely not bucket or basin. Here we have to call a professional expert to do the foot spa or foot massage for us, that is NIKSA Foot Water Massager.

What can you get from NIKSA Water Foot Massager?

  • Multi-functional foot spa bath integrated with heating, massage, oxygen bubbles, vibration, and red light functions to relax your feet by massaging and soothing your overworked feet. 15.7 inches diameter perfectly fits 12 inches feet. First pick water foot massager for the whole family.
  • Intelligent temperature control heatingwater up to set temperature (95℉-118℉), and maintaining the temperature in the process of foot spa massage. No needs to add extra water to enjoy a comfy and relaxing foot spa at home.
  • As a pedicure foot spa massager, NIKSA foot spa massager equipped with 4 removable non-motorized rollers dotted with acu-notes for deep massageand 2 bubble strips and raised nodes for more foot massage experience
  • With fast heating function, NIKSA water foot massager ensures you a quick and no waiting foot spa at home, convenient and luxurious at the same time.

Still hesitated? Don’t be. Hot water foot spa or water foot massage is one of the best way to improve your blood circulation, skin condition, sleep quality, and metabolism, etc.. If you are not a big fan of sports or outdoor activities after a tedious and high-pressure working day, NIKSA water foot massager should be your first choice to bring home and enjoy a good time together, romantic, feet caring, health caring feet spa for your all the time. Remember the foot care or foot spa should be in a continuous way, not just for one night but for every night after work. Come and get one!


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